Friday, May 2, 2008

A View of Glendale: Bead Museum

The Bead Museum
Thursday, May 1 2008
Approximately 12:00 - 1:30 P.M.

After leaving the Japanese Friendship Garden, we were not yet hungry yet and Tina wanted to explore the surrounding area more so she suggested we trek on to Glendale, Arizona.
It immediately dawned on me that Glendale was where the Bead Museum was, where the ISGB found it's roots back in 1995. We had to go, so we went!

The Bead Museum, Glendale

(from their website) The Bead Museum was founded to establish a safe haven for a permanent collection of beads and adornments of all cultures, past and present, which would provide an enduring opportunity for the study and enjoyment of these magnificent examples of art and ingenuity.

The Bead Museum serves the public through exhibitions and programs designed to heighten awareness of peoples' ideas about themselves and their world through the study of beads. Used all over the world, these small, perforated objects speak of ancient links with people, places, and diverse community expressions.

This unique museum was founded in 1984 by Gabrielle Liese and houses an international collection of over 100,000 beads and beaded artifacts. The museum features permanent and changing exhibitions, and education and outreach programs of lectures, tours, and classes for the visitor.

A banner from the ISGB's Trajectories Exhibit

Photos were not allowed at the Bead Museum to preserve the integrity of the ancient beads but I snuck one from a distance and then later discover that the lady I photographed was none other than Leigh Trotter, Interweave's Magazine Marketing Manager!! What a small world. I had an excellent time strolling through time and seeing beads from EVERY culture. A feast for the eyes and on the way out, we bumped into my friends Jim Franklin and Janet Farris of From the Heart! Everyone was coming to the Bead Museum!

Glendale, Arizona

Haus Murphy's a pub in Glendale. We debated whether or not to have lunch here but decided to move on to find later, a wonderful Thai restaurant. Next time though we'll maybe stop for a brewsky (or NOT! as I don't drink beer, ICK!)

Strunk's Hollow Antique Shop.

If you collect Coca-Cola paraphernalia, then Strunk's Hollow Antique Shop is where to go in Glendale!

Coca-cola memorabilia all over the place

Hey, what are these kids doing at Shrunk's Hollow playing hide 'n seek? Yoohoo, hey kids, smile for the camera, will you? This is no place for kids to be playing.

Hope you enjoyed the photos,
with a bit of humorous comentary
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