Friday, May 30, 2008


Yes, the Japanese Professional Precision Tools are indeed in my living room NOW. All TWENTY boxes. My worker ants and I will be diligently packing ALL preorders to ship out this Saturday before I leave for Milwaukee.

It has been a HUGE learning experience getting these tools from Japan to the USA. There were material shortages that delayed production of our flush cutter and after two months of waiting, I am so relieved the first shipment is finally here and has safely arrived. Now I can say I am officially an importer registered with US Customs and Treasury Departments. I even have my own freight forwarder and customs broker. With that being said, I am still one woman, with very supportive family members, running this operation. So, I don't want to hear from those who say "I can't do this or that". Persistence, anything can be done if you put your mind to it. I'm not saying everything will be easy but hard work never killed anyone. So put some muscle into your next project, small or large.

We'll it's time for this girl to get some much deserved rest - a good night's sleep - for a busy tomorrow. Tomorrow the sun will shine even brighter!

P.S. And if I can get that "evil" bracelet woman taken care of, I will be that much more happier! Thanks S.K. (if you are reading) for helping me in that endeavor. I'm counting on you! (wink)
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