Sunday, May 4, 2008

A Birthday Wish ... and a Wish Granted

Why am I up at this hour? Actually I couldn't sleep - not because today is my birthday and another year (and what a FANTASTIC year I've had - thanks to ALL of you!) in my life has transpired, but because I could not sleep wondering who could have donated $750 to my Walk for the Cure. I must have been too tired last night but I realized that I could find out by logging into my Participation Center. So I did a few minutes ago and thought that it was several "who's" but it was ONE generous very GENEROUS donor. She is not anonymous to me and has a heart of GOLD. Thank you so much YOU. You know who you are. You are the woman that made me cry. Not cry because I am older on this date but cry because of your support for my Susan G. Komen walk. As tears flow freely from me due to happiness, I want to share a bit of news with you all. (You will read it from my 3-day blog entry copied below).

I am not a materialistic person even though I have been fortunate to have many things, most of which are beautiful beads in my personal stash and wonderful books in my library. Even with all these materialistic things which help make my life more complete, my most valued possessions in this life of mine, are the WONDERFUL - absolutely WONDERFUL people whom I've met through beads. These are my friends.

Like a broken record, on this birthday of mine, I have only one wish because dreams do come true and many things have been paved through my hard work - which you will see throughout this year (I must keep some of what I am doing a secret, you know.. it's that mysterious life I like to lead as the superhero flying off to shows across the nation). My friends, please do not take me out to lunch, send me birthday cards, give me gifts or anything you have in mind. I have everything I need now. My wish is that you help me show the world what we can do to support the 3 Day walk. My generous donor brought me to only $900 of being able to walk in November. If 180 people donated $5 each or 90 people donated $10 - I would reach my initial goal of raising $2200, in order to even walk. With all the beaders I talk to at every show venue, this is not beyond reach, and then some. I think we can raise $5000 or more by November!

So show a little love and open your heart. The link to donate is to the right menu. AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY to ME! Let's all celebrate (even though I am still working hard at Bead Expo Phoenix - BOY do I have photos to share with you when I come home!!)

Hugs to all. Make me cry, please make me cry again and again. Once, twice, and a hundred times over. Bead people are the BEST!! (BIG SMILE!)

Bead Creatively with your HEART


(entry from my Walk for the Cure, 3-Day blog)

Thank you Anonymous Generous Donor

Here it is May 4th. I am in Phoenix exhibiting at a show and I was going to post on my blog ( to ask all my friends to not send me any gifts or cards because donating to this cause on my behalf was more important.

I checked in to my Breast Cancer Participation Center and noticed that my donation goal was $750 more than a few days ago. Here I am thinking several friends must have donated but instead ONE generous donor (whom I know but will keep anonymous). I want to THANK you, as you know who you are, for your GENEROSITY. I am deeply touched with tears in my eyes of such generosity and a TRUE gift from the heart. Because of this generous donation I am just $900 from being allowed to walk.

Many of you know that I am an avid writer for bead publications. In a few short weeks, my FIRST column for Australian Beading will be published, written with Jean Yates, a great buddy from New York. Jean is the East coast and I am the West Coast perspective of what we think will be the next hottest US Trend in jewelry and beads. We write about all things creative.

In the first column, my friend Kelly Norton, the wonderful editor of this Australian publication was gracious to allow me to write about the Walk for the Cure. I did this in hopes to garner worldwide international support for the Susan G. Komen organization, so that beaders of the WORLD could show everyone what we are indeed capable of.

The column is aptly named "Our Beading World". I can't wait to see the magic and maybe cry some more tears. Beaders simply and beautifully ROCK. Let's ROCK on together.

So here's to my birthday and my challenge to walk for all of you. Thank you again secret anonymous donor. I owe you a big HUGE HUG. This is the BEST birthday gift ANYONE could have given me.

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