Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Thursday Tease

Happy Roses. Feel Good. Feel Happy.

A very colorful Thursday Tease. I will let the photo above and the attached article tell the story. Personally, I'm not quite sure what the market is for these roses. Colorful they are but I would like to leave the paintbrush and palette to mother nature instead. Thank you very much!

(from the Happy Rose website)

What is and how does a Happy Rose get its special colours?
The Happy Rose is an especially colourful rose, which will immediately cheer you up! Due to a unique colouring application, every rose petal receives its own cheerful colour.

The Happy Roses are placed in special water. Different substances are dissolved in this water. The rose branch absorbs this water as part of a natural process. This is what changes the colour of the petals. What makes Happy Roses unique is that the inventor has managed to colour a few petals, for example, yellow, whilst at the same time other petals colour differently, for example, blue, orange or lilac. It even proved possible to achieve a range of different colourings in the flower, which as it were fan around one another. This resulted in these unique, colourful and cheerful roses.

Who cultivates the Happy Roses?
Happy Roses is the result of an alliance between the companies River Flowers and F.J. Zandbergen & Zn. The firm of Zandbergen is specialised in everything to do with roses. They know exactly which roses are suitable for Happy Roses, who are the best cultivators of these roses and how, together with these rose cultivators, they can acquire the nicest and finest roses for River Flowers. River Flowers is specialised in the cultivation and colouring of chrysanthemums and the making of Happy Colors. They devised this process, developed it and then applied for an international patent. Initially this process was developed for the River Flowers chrysanthemums, but River Flowers happened to come into contact with the firm of F.J. Zandbergen and the process was tried on roses. This proved extremely successful and from that moment on the rose has been included in the development process.

So at this moment there are Happy Roses and Happy Chrysanthemums, both under the name Happy Colors.

Read about all the excitement of Happy Roses as featured on the front page of Chronica Horticulturae (2-04-08)

Photo borrowed from JerikoJosh from Flickr

So are you Happy
and Feeling Good yet?

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