Saturday, May 24, 2008

Like It or Not ...

I've been cycling the INXS CD, shown above, in the studio recently over and over again. To some it may be a bit ad nauseam. It's beautiful music to my ears and I can't get enough of the songs and belting out the lyrics while torching! (Lisa sings? I didn't say "good" belting. wink.)

Two cycles through the CD and I take a break from the torch. I enjoy listening to J.D. Fortune's wonderful voice almost as much as Marty Casey's. I feel somewhat a bit unfaithful to Marty but since J.D. is his pal, maybe I am alright to be enjoying this CD SO much. Ooops, I will cycle Marty's CD today at the torch to make up for my "wandering ears". You won't blame me either if you have the INXS CD.

My feeling earlier this afternoon as depicted by part of the lyrics of:

Like It or Not
(INXS, Switch 2006)

I can't believe
I'm seeing the world come
tumbling, crumbling down
Yeah, this love the world's receiving,
more chance of it on shutting down
Shutting down, yeah, yeah

Like it or not, love is the God
Love is the, love is the God
Like it or not, love is the God
Love is the God

So put your guns
down on the ground, yeah, peace,
it makes such a pretty sound
I can't believe
I'm seeing the world come
tumbling, crumbling down
You won't believe the feeling
when it's all coming back around
Coming 'round, yeah, yeah

The rest is repetitive, but you get the picture. I felt this way earlier (but no more) because I had to deal with a certain situation this morning that gave me an ULTIMATE headache. Things have come full circle and "Love is the God" meaning I've moved forward! Now that I have figured things out and a great customer (hi Ms. B.C.!) has solved the riddle for me, I can move back to making beads. There are just some situations that I come across and wonder "why" as in "tumbling, crumbling down"? Anyhow, no need to get into the finer details as it is not my intentions for this blog. I am letting my "steam" out in this post, my way. Whew.. Lisa talks to herself "must focus on making MORE beads for Bead and Button".

On a more positive note, this morning as part of my Breast Cancer Walk (donate please!) training, I attempted Kenpo X with Tony Horton. I have been dying to try this program out and maybe it will help me build the stamina I need to walk SIXTY miles in November! Yikes, what was I thinking when I signed up? You know what I was thinking? I was thinking with MY HEART and not my feet. Hahaha. I will do it, don't you worry! I am one determined chickadee and will be muscle bound by the end of this year! Maybe?

I still need to get some gear to be fully prepared for P90X but thus far, Kenpo X is EXCELLENT. The sequences remind me of when I was in college taking Tae Kwon Do. Yes, you did not read wrong. This little girl DID do 'some' martial arts in her time but never pursued the art form beyond recreational exercising! I love punching and kicking. Someday maybe I'll even get a colored belt if I find time to join a dojo. I just love martial arts, the discipline, the focus, the determination and will train myself back to my flexible college years (sigh!). I just love exhausting myself, sweating, kicking and punching. (Disclaimer: No harm was done to ANY humans or animals while Lisa was performing Kenpo X!)

Next I will be back on the torch for a few sessions for the remainder of the day. What? You thought I was going to take the rest of the night off? Think again. (Lisa is thinking... just kidding!)

Kicking and Punching
Lisa X

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