Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Show Stop: May 2-4, 2008: Bead Expo Phoenix

Bead Expo Phoenix

By day, the Bead Expo sign at the Phoenix Convention Center

By night, the Bead Expo sign at the Phoenix Convention Center

The Setup and Registration

This way to the show floor

The showguide and bags filled with goodies for shoppers.

Check in and last minute signups for classes.

Everything related to classes is managed and coordinated by the guy in blue. Well that's none other than Brian Stathopoulos, in action.

The Interweave Booth

A banner of the new Spring Books, see Bead Romantique?

Mardi Gras beads to make things fun next to the Bead Romantique display at the Interweave booth.

I only caught Laura Levaas at the Interweave booth as Leigh Trotter hadn't come to the show yet. I'll have to snap a photo of Leigh at the next show. These two gals really made the launching of book go smoothly. Laura also helped immensely by escorting me to Sonoran Living LIVE on Friday morning.

Some of My Friends on the Show Floor

Susan K. Nestor Studios

The BEAUTIFUL and vivacious Susan Nestor! A photo of this girl finally after missing out in Miami to show her off to all of you. My Canon did an excellent job!

Beyond Beads LLC.

Paul is striking the male model's pose while poor Rajeev is working hard getting the booth setup. These two crazy guys drove all the way from New York nonstop (about 42 hours). I respect their hard work, but guys don't work SO hard! I thought I was a hard worker until I met these two! They put me to SHAME! Deepak was in India and couldn't make it. I spoke to Deepak on Friday night to wish him well. Paul had to leave early Sunday so I hope all is well at home for him. Write back will you, either one of you? I give up ever hoping to receive an email from either Paul or Rajeev. (sigh) Some people are better talkers than writers. I write better than I talk! For sure!

Indus Valley

Zarif Khan striking his own male model's pose. This fellow is a funny guy. He and I have the same last name even though we spell it differently. Zarif has an energetic personality and I bet he's a lady's man too. Just look at Zarif posing. Just kidding Zarif.

One of Indus Valley's specialty is beautiful Roman Glass. I got my hands finally on some strands and am looking forward to designing with my collection. It was the ONLY item I bought in Phoenix. I was being VERY good. Thank you Zarif for the birthday present. I will design something beautiful with the Roman Glass.

Teresa Harkins, a new friend I met in Phoenix through Dee Perry. We all had breakfast together Saturday morning. Well, I sort of invited myself when I spotted Dee sitting by herself. We found out all of our birthdays were in consecutive days. Now how often does that happen? I think this is beyond coincidence and we were meant to celebrate Saturday morning, together! YAY to May babies! Teresa's birthday is May 2nd, Dee's is May 3rd and mine is May 4th. On Sunday I found out my friend Lala Fischer, who was also exhibiting at the show, was also having a birthday on May 5th. Woohoo for Taurus women!

Just look at all the beautiful creations on Teresa's booth. She definitely has a style her own. Lovely color sense too but what do you expect from a Taurus woman. haha.

Eager shoppers were perusing Teresa's booth while I snuck in a a few more photos to capture her lovely designs to share with you all.

Dee Perry of Clasp on Clasp Off, another Taurus! Dee's dragonfly clasp is used for the opening photo to my website. Dee has a nice selection of clasps that are not meant to be hidden. Show off your clasps! I hope to work with some of her new creations soon.

Laura Bittner of Antelope Beads is the retail seller of Vintaj Natural Brass components as well as Kazuri, Clay River, and Metalcraft lines of beads/pendants. If you see Laura at any show and want to make the three designs I have in Bead Romantique, utilizing Vintaj, she is the TO GO Girl. Drop by to see all the wonderful offerings in her booth.

Jane Overman's booth is always huge full of wonderful goodies and I am sometimes lucky to be right across from Jane at Bead Expo/Bead Fest venues. Just look at all that temptation. All those colors teasing me but I restrained myself and held strong. I didn't buy anything THIS time. Can I restrain myself at Philly? If you see Jane at any show, she will have signed copies of Bead Romantique if I am out or not around. Have fun shopping at Jane's.

Sara Hardin, my buddy and walking partner of Team Beadalicious in the Walk for the Cure, giving me a big hearty warm smile.

What didn't belong at Bead Expo
(Just my Point of View)

Hmmm, if I wanted to be a model or actor/actress, would I go to a BEAD show? Just some thoughts on what really didn't belong at Bead Expo. I know sometimes shows give out booth space to local businesses to promote the show but I'm really not sure why this booth was there?

Perhaps worse than the acting/modeling booth was the above. Uhmmm, I'm just speaking my mind out loud here but why are there belly dancers (at least that is what they called themselves) at a bead show? I'm just wondering you know. And also why did they have to perform twice RIGHT behind my booth. I started getting a headache with the music so loud and I couldn't hear myself nor the customers speak while I was conducting a demo. I hope the Bead Expo folks realize that this was a distraction more than an attraction. Thank you for letting me speak out loud.

Just Jiggle then Wiggle,
Follow the Rhythm
I suppose


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