Sunday, May 25, 2008

Haiku on Specialty Beads and Bead and Button 2008!

Show Location:
Midwest Airlines Center

400 W. Wisconsin Avenue
Downtown Milwaukee.

June 5 - Private Shopping Preview - Exhibit halls open to registrants from 4-9 p.m.

June 6 - Bead Marketplace - Exhibit halls open to general public.

Shopping Hours for the Bead Marketplace:
Friday, June 6, 10 a.m.-8 p.m.
Saturday, June 7, 10 a.m.-6 p.m.
Sunday, June 8, 10 a.m.-4 p.m.

Location Map and Parking

I'll be leaving for Bead and Button on June 2nd, which is fast approaching. There are still many beads to be made in between now and then. I've been torching and torching (maybe not as hard as I should have, since I've been having too much fun writing poetry! Ooops).

Some of you have contacted me to say "Lisa, I don't have a nice bead store near me and I can't make it to the big shows, how do I buy some of your work?" Well, I'm glad you wrote to ask. My friend Jannell Botto, owner of Specialty Beads has a nice selection of Haiku beads up on her web store NOW!

I am actually going to be at Bead and Button because of Jannell, helping represent the Italian Mesh at this grand event, while she attends her youngest son's graduation. So THANK YOU Jannell for sending me to the MidWest! It's my first time at this huge show, can you believe? I'm looking forward to the experience as well as meeting up with many friends for some great food and excellent company!

I really feel tremendously bad (wish you truly knew how much!) that I am unable to open up the show stock in between shows like I normally do. Is it good to be this busy? Yes and no. It's not like I'm making beads every waking moment but there is SO much to take care of in a bead business. It's not always fun and games playing with beads all the time. There are loads of emails, piles of paperwork, people to call back, research to do, purchases to be made, tools to import, Customs to clear, packages to ship, website to update, blog to write poetry for, photos to snap - you get it. So I'm thankful that my friend Jannell is doing a promotion and special feature on the Haiku bead on her site! YAY! Jannell also carries the Ginkgo leaves too but those will be added to the website later.

What I'm trying to do is lure you over to her website to order a Haiku bead or two. She has a nice selection of colors in stock now (if they last!) and her photos are true to the actual bead colors. While you are there on her website, take a look at the wonderful Murano glass and of course the Italian mesh.

If you are coming to Bead and Button, don't forget to visit me in booth #822 where I'll be representing Specialty Beads, offering a nice selection of the 6mm mesh and findings, as well as a PLETHORA of my own work (with Bead Romantique in tow and the innovative Japanese Professional Precision Tool Kit to make you drool in my DAILY Pearl Mesh Bracelet demo. ) I'm taking orders for the tool kits by offering FREE first class shipping on retail orders. These tools are only sold as a kit through me but soon beadstores will offer them loose. Come see and feel the difference of why you really can't do without these tools if you are a wire artist. Now would I lie to you? Just look below at how BEAUTIFUL the tools are, Tools All Red! (wink)

chain nose, round nose, flat nose, bent nose, flush cutter

on profile, these highly polished
and ultra fine tools are pure MAGIC
Made in Japan
with CUTLERY grade Stainless Steel



See everyone in Milwaukee soon!
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