Monday, May 5, 2008

My Debut on TV - ABC 15 Sonoran Living

Jewelry Trends: Pearls With An Edge

Pearls are not just for first ladies, debutantes, and mothers-of-the-bride! The hot new trend in jewelry this season is pearls with an edge--"Punk meets Park Avenue" as reported this spring in The New York Times. Unconventional pearl jewelry designs combines pearls with materials like wire mesh, metal, chain, buttons, and other modern components. Read More...
Watch the interview (From Sonoran Living Show Segment menu, scroll to Jewelry trends: Pearls with an edge) and see how the camera DOES add 10lbs to you. Goodness gracious, I need to lose some weight. I am so self conscious and NEED professional help to look good. If you look at the photos for the book, on this blog and from my website, you'll begin to wonder if they are the same person! Well, yes but for the publicity photos, I had a LOT of help - professional makeup artist, hairstylist and photographer - and proper studio lighting!!

I would like you all to know that I was up at 4:30 a.m. and did not sleep well due to nervousness for the interview. I also don't know how to put on my own makeup. HAHA! At least not like a pro. My sister Tina really came through to help me with my hair or else I would have simply been an even bigger mess. And yes, my fuchsia shirt was ironed but after waiting for my turn at the camera, who knew what went on. HAHA! It looked good when I left the hotel!

And ALL the pearls on display are from my personal stash. Enjoy watching the interview and listening to me talking in my "sultry" voice. Gosh, I didn't know I sounded like that... hahahah. I think it's because I'm recovering from the cold/flu so my voice could have been deeper than usual. And I am not sure why I kept nodding my head in that crazy way! Well, I won't complain or critique further because considering this is my first TV interview, I think I carried myself well BUT I will need to start training seriously for my Walk for the Cure and learning how to apply professional makeup! I will look much better in my next TV interview, if there is a next time.

Thank you Interweave, you folks ROCK as usual, for allowing me to represent you and the Bead Expo show. Leigh Trotter, you ROCK double for bringing extra books (since I sold out of the 46 books I brought by Saturday afternoon - thanks to Kerry Flint!) And Laura Levaas you ROCK triple!
Thank you for holding my hand and escorting me to the Sonoran Living set so early in the morning (Channel 15 ABC Studios)! Jaime Guthals (Thank you for setting up the interview and getting me on TV!) and Steve Koenig (Thank you for leading such an excellent team!), you both ROCK also.

Unit next time,
Speak Creatively
and Smile for the Camera
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