Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Random Thoughts...

Random Thoughts

When things come undone
I use this magical string
To bind and sew
The pieces together
Making me whole again
As thoughts flow freely
Time for contemplation
Of laughter and smiles
Consider the possibility
Of everything in nothing
If you could hear my thoughts
Live as me in dreams
In a wealth of experiences
A life with no regrets
Where tomorrow is today
I can't stop, stop singing
This song in my head
The words come alive
My mind is consumed
With visions of a dream
Life is quite simple, no?
We eat, drink and be merry
Sing a song or two
Give hugs and kisses
To love and be loved
If I could capture every star
In the night sky this eve
To bring you some light
Of hope, peace and happiness
You will be living the life
In the eyes of the child
Who gazes in wonderment
To all that surrounds
Why is the sky blue?
And the clouds a fluffy white?
Money can buy a lot of things
But it can't buy you love
Or happiness and joy
When you stop searching
Everything comes naturally
In the fields out yonder
Wild flowers are blooming
A river flows through
In the solitary serenity
Is where I buried my heart
Why ask why?
Things are just as is
As real as real can be
So just accept thyself
What can be, will
Never give up, shooting star
Aim high, don't look back
Think ahead, play smart
Remember who you are
To not become who you're not
Empty stares, attention fading
Looks away, turn this way
Come and go, to and fro
Speak no more, hear no less
In your life, then out the door
Random thoughts

Flow through my mind
As I sit to write today
Making no real sense
But to me, myself and I

(written 5/20/08)

P.S. Tomorrow I post the seed bead colors to projects from Bead Romantique. I need to verify a few more things tonight at the San Gabriel Bead Company and then it shall be up, as you wished and have asked from me. Ask and you shall receive (not always but in this case, you will receive the info).

P.P.S. Thirteen random thoughts listed above. More to come in the future, when the mood strikes. I never know what I will write when I come to post some days. But when I come here, I will always write. If I write poetry, the words and ideas flow freely from within. I do sometimes "clean up" the thoughts afterwards but for the most part all the poetry you read is adlib - on the spot - genuine as only I know how to write and project myself here on this blog. Read it, feel it and know it. Understand all of my words? Now maybe that is too much to ask of anyone. Even *I* sometimes don't know why I select to think nor write or even design with a certain mindset. Just let it be, let it be to become so much more than what was intended. Step one, step two and three steps later - moving forward always.

Photo borrowed from Raindawn from Flickr

Ms. Random Thoughts

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