Saturday, May 17, 2008

Do You Remember When?

Do You Remember When?

I close my eyes for a moment
Resting this weary mind and body
To drift back towards a time
When it was just you and I
Together as one singular "us"

Or so you whispered to me then
and as a lonesome dove searching
I believed every word you spoke
Each day and every day, I listened
This heart I gave away completely

Then one hot Summer day
You came to my door, standing there
Your face, THAT look, and your voice
Your eyes told me "goodbye", no more
I KNEW the truth without words

Do you remember
The sunsets and the moonlit skies
When we danced into the night
With only the rhythm of our hearts
Beating together in tight embraces

Remember? You don't remember.
You broke this heart, MY heart
Shattering everything that was me
All I could do was watch you leave
Walk away, as quickly as you came

For many days and nights after
All around me was aflamed
I hid my sorrows with anger
The tears no one saw, I cried
The agony no one heard, I screamed

In the solitude of those moments
Like a Phoenix who perishes in flames
I began to emerge from my ashes
Happiness was all that I would be
It was what I needed to stay SANE

I shake out from the momentary trance
Realizing these thoughts were a dream
How my mind plays tricks on me
But I better play it safe, just in case
This memory is NOT deceiving me

(Written 5/17/08)

P.S. In case you're wondering, no all this NEVER happened to me (I just have a vivid imagination) but I wanted to write this poem, tonight for whatever reason, after listening to my new INXS CD, Switch (2006). The CD is new to me as I just got it, even though it came out in 2006. J.D. Fortune is a FANTASTIC singer, by the way. I like every song on the CD which is sometimes difficult!

Photo borrowed from self portrait by Ali K (Ali Karagoz) from Flickr
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