Saturday, May 10, 2008

Back to the Original Walk for the Cure Goal

(from my Walk for the Cure, 3-Day Blog)

Hello everyone,

I thought I'd reduce my fundraising goal back down to the $2200 needed to walk. This way you can see how close I am indeed to raising the amount for my "entry fee" to walk. I will boost the donation goal higher later. I am pretty sure you all will surprise me towards the end. Like the race between the hare and tortoise? I know you guys will come through with flying colors.

I will be sending emails to all my bead buddies after Bead and Button as I know most of us are getting ready for the big show. Then afterwards, you have NO excuse why you haven't even donated $5 to this cause. Spread the love, I say.

Today, I went for it. I walked 8 miles through the trail here in the mountains that leads to the Santa Fe Dam. Boy am I exhausted but in the walk, based on my pedometer (I have an excellent one too!) it noted that I walked 23,000+ steps and burned over 1000 calories. This is just the beginning. I am exhausted but I would have to walk about THREE times this amount to make up only ONE 20 mile leg in the 3 DAY. You know what? even though I was exhausted for the rest of the day and did not work in the studio, it was a very productive day. I am training and it feels GOOD to be THIS tired. It's a bit crazy that even my toes and toenails ache! HAHA!

Bring it on. Bring it on, I say. Work my muscles and let my muscles work for me. After these aching muscles recover, I plan to walk a standard 3 miles daily ("plan") and then on the weekends, when available to walk, 10 miles is the next target. Whew. I CAN do it! I know I can! Think strong, be strong and I AM STRONG. Half of all this is training your mind to persevere in the midst of AGONY.

Here's looking at all of you. Take me to the top of my initial goal with your generous donation!

Thanks everyone!!
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