Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Thursday Tease

Aaaahhhh...So many possibilities can be made with simple lines and dots. I found the above image on Flickr a long time ago. It could be some fancy tilework but whatever it was, I think it is simply GORGEOUS. For this week's Thursday Tease, study the photo above and what does the imagery lead you to create?

I can see the above in an intricate glass bead where the ENTIRE design is created with overlaying dots. You would have to be very meticulous with a steady hand but it can be done. OR what about a sculptural beaded flower? Then you can also use this pattern for a loomed design by adding your own colors? If you are at a loss still, how about transferring this image to metal clay, with the tear away technique from Gwen Gibson. Or just go scribbling as that usually leads to another innovative design. Oh my goodness, stop me now as I need to work on other projects instead of staring at this lovely photo.

I'd like to invite anyone who creates art based on a Thursday Tease post to email me the result! I'd love to see what you folks create from these Thursday Tease images. Aren't they fun?

Until next time,
Create with a Vision
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