Friday, May 23, 2008

Lips All Red...

Lips All Red

Clock strikes midnight
Tick, tick, tickity-tock
Time is slowly passing
I'm losing my mind
No one here to know

In this crowded room
A sea of people buzzing
With their noisy chatter
Burst of sudden laughter
I was just about to leave

When I see you standing
Looking into a mirror
Brown hair, hiding your face
Your luscious lips all red,
Cheeks flushed a rosy pink

You sense me admiring
Glancing up, we meet
Then an alluring smile
A motion to escape out
Moving through this crowd

Under the moon we stand
Your face glows, so divine
Scent of sweet daydreams
I give my first daring kiss
On those luscious red lips

My mind starts spinning
Heartbeat quickly racing
I catch my breath to realize
I didn't even ask your name
What should I say or do next?

Tick, tick, tickity-tock

(written 5/22/08)

Photo borrowed from Ali K (Ali Karagoz) from Flickr

P.S. This escapade was inspired by the photo from Ali Karagoz. This electronics student lives in Tours, France and has a keen eye for capturing the beautiful, in the simple. I am fortunate to have found him on I thought I would give an interesting story to Ali's photo with this poem! Thank you Ali for the inspiration. It was nice to have met you through your photography.

P.P.S. No, poetry DOES NOT have to rhyme. Who told you so? I beg to differ. My poetry generally tells a story with imagery (sometimes with an inflection of humor! ha!). I'll just tell it the way I like and write it my way. (smile) I hope you enjoyed the read and the mystery! So what happens next to this story? Your guess is as good as mine. Let's wish "him" good luck getting out of this one!! Yikes!

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