Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Thursday Tease

Peeling paint can be beautiful, no?

I find inspiration in decay and rust, at times. Doesn't anyone? Or am I just "odd" to see beauty in most things. I love the colors on this brick wall, peeling or not. But because the paint IS peeling, makes me want to reach out and help the paint peel faster. (My fingers are reaching at the photo now.)

Blues and purples always blend well together! (Except in a bruise! ha!) The splash of black breaks up the monotony but does it really? An intentional composition or just a happy accident? I say, just make it work and anything will work for you. Jump in with confidence. Anything can and will become my inspirational visual stimuli, so bring on some rusted surfaces, found objects and vintage goodies. Enjoy the peeling paint on this brick wall as this week's Thursday Tease!

Photo borrowed from Stager 57 from Flickr

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