Thursday, April 17, 2008

A View of Miami: South Beach Street Scenes: April 9, 2008 Part IIB

Miami's South Beach Part IIB
Street Scenes
Wednesday, April 9. 2008
Approximately 6:45 P.M.

(click any of the photos for an enlarged view)

As you walk along Ocean Dr., right before you reach the Miami Design Preservation League's Art Deco Welcome Center, this wall installation indicates the details of your visit so you can document it for prosperity

the Temperature (nearly 100 degrees due to the high humidity)
and the Date (April 9, 2008).

The clock strikes 6:45 P.M. , captured at the exact moment in time, give or take a few seconds here and there.

Four gigantic birds on the roof of this vibrant restaurant. I believe this is a restaurant by day and a club by night, because Saturday night when I returned to South Beach to have dinner with the Indian Three Stooges (Rajeev, Deepak and Paul), we saw some girls dancing on tables in skimpy bikinis. If that is your cup of tea, then this is the place for you! Watch your wallets though!

Rajeev took us to
Mango's Tropical Cafe
as he claims they have the BEST Mojitos in the world. He has traveled the world, so knows what he speaks, and is an authority in this area. While he and Deepak had Mojito's, this girl was a party pooper and had good old icy cool water. I think Paul ordered a Seven and Seven so he lived it up after a long Saturday at Bead Fest Miami. The Three Stooges knew how to live it up. I was the responsible sober chaperone and "body guard" who made sure nothing happened to my new friends! We had a great time, had dinner at the Waldorf and stayed out until well past 11:00 P.M.

To protect the innocent, I did not snap any photos (besides the darn Kodak battery was DEAD!) but my memory is excellent so I will continue to tease them about their behavior and our insightful chatter. I love talking to people who THINK! not about just ordinary things but philosophizing on LIFE. Deepak had an Indian accent that I could not understand well so I am sure he was tired of repeating himself. Oooops, I'm such a pest at times. Thanks gentlemen! Next time, dinner is on me!

Street scene, cars buzzing by

At the end of Ocean Dr. before the street curves to continue as Collins Ave., you reach Deco Drive Cigars. The aroma of Cuban cigars fill the outdoor restaurants that line the street. I normally am sensitive against cigarette smoking but the scent of cigars can be rather aromatic.

The People of South Beach

Those that have, have

Those that don't, don't

The ironies of life, the haves and have nots each watching the other, as life goes by. Each seemingly ignoring the existence of the other, but only on the surface. I watched them ALL through my camera. I'm the curious one, you know, and a people watcher. It's interesting what you can learn about your fellow man by being a keen observer through the lenses of LIFE.

An interesting man that I happened to capture. He was wearing an RED satin "costume". Sure he is wearing my lucky "RED" but I don't feel all that connected with him. It's NOT my misconception or preconceptions of people based on their appearances, but rather his general public behavior which I was "obligated" to observe.

A heated conversation centered around the Man in Red with his bicycle to the side of the Congress Hotel. I inconspicuously captured the three, in their moment, as I searched out for a restaurant to dine and complete my first day in Miami.

Life is Grand, ain't it?
Be as you may,
Carpe diem

Be at Peace,

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