Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Thursday Tease

I found this image long ago on one of my Flickr romps. I can spend HOURS on Flickr! As a fan of fine photography and visual art renditions, I always keep an eye out for images that "speak to me". I will have to be better in the future and capture the artist's names because I want to give them full credit for their inspiring art.

For this particular Thursday Tease, the artist called this piece "Electric Watermelon". I can see MANY design possibilities conjured up by this image. Can you too? Come on... come play with me... close your eyes and you shall begin to see things too.

Stare at this image and then close your eyes quickly, several times. You can still see things even with your eyes closed because our minds are all powerful, having the ability to give life to things intangible, full of imaginative possibilities that only we control. There are infinite possibilities. I can see things - images, shapes, forms, etc - but then I may be a bit looney you say. Just let go of your preconceptions and think "outside of the box". You too will start being able to see more than what is before you, what is obvious, and see beyond the reality into the open expanse that I call the imaginative realm.

Shall we imagine together? Let's dance in our mind's creativity and be the bewildered child of our youth, as anything is possible!

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