Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Food Stop: Carney's Limited Express

Carney's Unlimited Express
Sunday, April 27, 2008
Approximately 6:00 P.M.

As the sign above states "Beware of Trains" when you enter Carney's Express Limited in Studio City. You will first notice the wonderful aroma in the air. I have definitely prewarned you if you DARE to read this post further, as you too will be tempted to travel far and near distances to this haven of the BEST hot dog in the WORLD. Just look at the scrumptious menu and then you'll know why I don't need any excuse to want to come here twice a year.

The hot dog was purportedly invented in 1874 by German immigrant, Charles Feltman, at Coney Island, NY. Well, listen to this girl, I've had the so-call best hot dogs in New York - Nathan's at Coney Island and Papaya King in Manhattan. I've even tasted the Dodger dogs MANY years ago which are supposedly one of the best ballpark dogs. HANDS down, Carney's has the BEST hotdog in the WORLD. As somewhat of a connoisseur on EATING, I love the way the Carney dog extends outside of it's bun and actually, really SNAPS when you eat it. The chili is DELICIOUS and I am not one for fru-fru toppings on my hotdogs either. No need to get too fancy on me. The recipe is top secret but I'm betting it's the special casing they use to hold together all that snappy scrumptious goodness. All I can say is that I give Carney's a TRIPLE YUM YUM YUM!

Can you see Nick excitedly ordering our Chili dogs and fries for dinner?

There are actually two trains in parallel. One train is the kitchen and the other train is the customer sitting area. There are also additional outside patio sitting too. Just look at all the yummy-ness going on with happy, smiling patrons. (Yes, they are smiling even though you are only seeing their backs!!)

Our standard order, THREE chili cheese dogs to share amongst the two of us with one order of chili fries. (Nick is already eating his dog and fries, while I snapped and posed this photo!) Just look at those HUGE tomato slices. I have to eat everything with a fork and knife it is so darn sloppy. And yes, this meal is a heart attack waiting to happen but considering I only eat like this twice a year, I think I'm allowed. So this is the REAL reason why we love exhibiting at the Los Angeles Bead Society Bazaar. Uhmmmm... I mean... no we are really at the show to support the bead society and talk to our wonderful customers. Forget I showed you all these photos and told you about my well hidden secret. Eeeek, now the world knows my weakness! And, you didn't hear about Carney's from ME. You heard all this from Jerry Connell!!

So I guess I won't see you at Carney's next time, huh?

Here's to YUMMY Chili Dogs and Fries

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