Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Between Here and Eternity

Between Here and Eternity

Living life,
life's living
Eyes a looking
On and on
Some see backwards
Into a PAST
Moving through life
In shadows

Sink or Swim!
They say to you
It's all in
Your perceptions
Life is ...
As LOVE is ...
What you make it
Step one,
Step two,
and three steps later
Moving forward,
Slowly but surely

Learn from,
But not live by,
As mistakes are made
For Growth,
Through Sorrow,
And Tears,
In Fears,
Now you stand TALL
Between Here
And Eternity

I say again!
LIVE life
Life is ALIVE
Then Smile,
Next Laugh,
Be Well,
And True
To Thy Self
Life is short
So why CURSE?
Or Cry?
Instead, just LIVE,
And LOVE well!

(written, April 22, 2008)

I credit my new friend Michael Brown for inspiring me to return to my poetry writing after reading his. I generally post on this blog, ad libbing as I post. When in the right mindset, magic can happen, and my writing flows out of me, my mind, my soul - naturally, wonderfully and unabashedly. It is *I*, ME in the words, as you read and feel the words, but who am *I* really? Really? (wink)

I think with his influence, I may even start drawing again, if I can find more time in a day. That's usually the limit, which stops me from doing more that I want - but can't (OH I DISLIKE the word "can't", since I am a doer.) - due to the limits of time. Yes, I DO sleep - just a little - sometimes. (smile) But in between my sleep and dreams, I DO "draw", until the day I can lay these images down with pencil in hand and paper before me.

I was fortunate to be born, practically with a pencil in my hand, so drawing is a natural "gift from the gods" and an extension of my artistic expression. Overtime, I hope when I have some drawings done, I will share them here. Then, only then will you see and sense whence I came to be partly the artist who *I* am today but NOT tomorrow, as I grow and learn in this life. I am still exploring the many facets of my artistic expression and being, living life to the fullest capacity I know "between here and eternity", all the while loving every moment.

Thank you Michael for opening the door to some of my past JOYS. Guardian angel, thank you too, for watching over me and sending me these new friends. Keep 'em coming.

Until next time,
Cherish your friendships,
New or old

Be at Peace

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