Friday, April 25, 2008

He Said, Said He

He Said, Said He

Quiet whispers,
Spoken softly,
Twinkle in his eyes,
Breathing gently,
Oh so slightly,
Tickling her ear

She nudges closer,
To feel his warmth,
To smell his scent,
To hear him speak,
Sweet nothings,
Nothing sweeter

He said, said he
Blowing a kiss,
Eyes closed,
A secret smile,
In the silence,
They tightly embrace

"I love thee"
The words, those words
Spoken out loud,
Dances in the air,
Floating, drifting,
Glowing in her

The heart sings,
A sweet melody,
She melts back,
Into his arms,
Smiling as he grins,
Cheek to cheek,

She said, said she
To him next,
Eyes sparkling,
Her voice tender,
"I love thee, too
Now let's kiss"

(written April 24, 2008)

Just a bit of romantic poetry for you folks because I am the romantic one, you know. (wink) with a soft heart and an easy step. As my book Bead Romantique states in the introduction, "Welcome to My Romantic Side". Another ad lib poem for you, written by moi just for my and your enjoyment. Perhaps I will create a poem someday about BEADS! Now, that would be interesting. I think my subjects will mostly be about life, love and happiness! Three wonderful subjects.

When the mood strikes, I shall write poetry to share with you all, so excuse these sudden interruptions but I don't always write or talk about beads. There is more to this gal than just beads and beading, you know. I continue to explore my creativity, this time in my writing. Enjoy.

Until the next opportunity to grace your screens.
Write Creatively,

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