Saturday, April 26, 2008

Danger, Will Robinson, Danger!!

Will Robinson looks towards the direction of THE danger after hearing Robot's warning. (as dramatic music plays)

"Geez, Robot, it's just Lisa with her new Canon Powershot G9. After over a month, that girl finally got her new camera rearing to go for the Bead Expo Phoenix trip. " says Will. "Come to think of it, she can be DANGEROUS! Let's go warn the others."

Lisa runs towards Will and Robot, then points and shoots, flashes and dashes, running with her treasured new Canon Powershot G9 hugged closely to her bosom.


YES! I *AM* one DANGEROUS photographer now. I LOVE THIS NEW TOY of mine. I don't know why I procrastinated this long in getting the camera setup. It only took me an hour or so to get this baby rearing to go after the batteries were charged and tonight was THE night I made it alright. Muhahaha! (evil sinister laughter) I'm loving this camera and the possibilities! Look out world. Here I come to shoot and flash at you! (silly grin) So SMILE back at me, will ya, if you see me coming? Just don't run and hide.

P.S. (Wikipedia) A bit of trivia for you folks, Billy Mumy, who is probably best known as "Will Robinson" from the 1960s television series Lost in Space, was born in San Gabriel, CA. Hey guess what? That is where I grew up as a kid too. HA! So many coincidences in this small world. I actually never watched that show when I was young. I thought I would just be a bit silly for you folks, so you would know that I can "hang loose" at times, as I'm not always THAT serious.

P.S.S. Egads! Just look at those wild costume colors on the set of Lost in Space. What WERE they thinking back those days? Or maybe they weren't thinking at all. Yikes. Double and triple yikes! (I like to do things in sets of three's btw!) The entire cast NEEDS to get themselves the whole series of Rockport Publisher's Color Harmony Books. Dang it! My eyes are hurting. Give me some shades before I go blind. (laughing at silly self.)

If you can laugh at yourself,
You're one step ahead
in the Happiness Curve

Until next time,
Silly Smilin' Lisa

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