Tuesday, April 15, 2008

More Sneak Peaks on Bead Romantique Projects on Beading Daily

See a few of our favorite projects:

Bohemian Drop Earrings

Bohemian Drop Earrings: The antique brass filigree findings in these earrings conjure impressions of a bygone era. The flexible design could appear Edwardian, Victorian, or art nouveau. Like a well-worn, treasured piece of heirloom jewelry, these earrings add a piece of history to a modern design. A filigree wrap encases a coin pearl adding a tasteful element to an already classy design with a bohemian feel.

Victorian Diamond Cuff

Victorian Diamond Cuff: This design first originated with the single diamond component. Initially, the bracelet was to have an airy appearance with the diamonds connected only by their corners. However, it was too fragile for a cuff bracelet. With some experimentation, ruffled pearl components were created in the center of four diamonds to add structure. This bracelet shows the versatility of using RAW and reverse picots, two stitches the author uses together for connecting two or more elements and for embellishments in lacy designs. The margaritas liven up the bracelet, and the snap closures create a seamless cuff.

Rivoli Y Drop Necklace

Rivoli Y Drop Necklace: The author enjoys finding different ways to bezel-set rhinestones. Rhinestones come in every shape, color, and size, in modern or vintage selections, and are a versatile element to incorporate into beadwork. The Swarovski rivoli rhinestone is the easiest rhinestone to learn on because it is round and uniform in shape. It’s much easier to bezel-set a round rhinestone, cabochon, or bead than one that is another shape. The “Y” necklace is an updated interpretation of Victorian jeweled necklaces worn by aristocratic ladies of the court.

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