Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A View of Miami: South Beach: April 9, 2008 Part IIA

Miami's South Beach Part IIA
Beach Scenes

Wednesday April 9, 2008

Approximately 6:30 p.m.

(click any of the images for an enlarged view)

Welcome to Miami's South Beach

The Lifeguard shack!

The skyline from the South end of Ocean Dr. Just look at all those healthy fit people running and riding their bikes on the sand!!

Windsurfing - drifting with the wind.

I don't swim so I live vicariously through others who do. The "C' shapes you see in the backdrop of this photo are actually windsurfers. Even at nearly 7p.m., diehard beach lovers continue to have FUN.

The Atlantic Ocean is so blue and clear, unfortunately parts of the beach was cluttered with human trash. Bad, bad, bad people! Clean up your mess please. Protect Mother Earth and she will continually remain beautiful.

The Ocean

The ocean calls your name
You follow in anticipation

Listening to the waves sing its melody
All the while, splashing and cooling your feet
Close your eyes oh so slightly
Breathe in the cool breeze
And take in the scent of the sea
In that moment, all your troubles go away

My Silhouette

In the shadows I roam
Capturing nature's beauty

Through my mind's eye and lens
What I see! Oh my!
When I come and where I go
Life is a mystery

Passages through the sand

Be at Peace
Hope you enjoyed this photo-essay and my poetry!

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