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A View of Miami: Lummus Park: April 9, 2008 Part IIC

Miami's South Beach Part IIC
Lummus Park
Wednesday, April 9. 2008
Approximately 6:00 - 7:00 P.M.

Welcome to Lummus Park in the City of Miami Beach
After returning from my trip, my sister Tina mentioned to me that I should have visited Miami Ink which was located in South Beach. I enjoy watching that show when I have time because of the stories told through the tattoos. Although I do not have a tattoo, I admire the artform, when done well.

One small step for Lisa and another new discovery captured

Fallen leaves leading me through Lummus Park

A cluster of coconuts

A Lonely Coconut Playing "Hide 'n Seek"

A gathering of coconuts, free offering to tourists, should they want to drink the milky nectar. In my youth, my father would buy fresh coconuts and then we would poke the "eyes" (yes, it is okay to poke the eyes of coconuts!) then insert a straw. YUM! You can then crack the coconut and use a big spoon to scrap off the soft coconut flesh. As the coconut ages, the flesh becomes more fibrous.

The Story of the Trees

I've always found the twists of trees inspiring. What stories they tell of the life of each respective tree. Why does this tree lean more than that tree, for instance? Perhaps the tree is eavesdropping into a conversation or just leaning to sun themselves. Or perhaps Mother Nature was a bit brutal to the tree in a windswept tornado. Whatever the story, let it be told! All in all, the trees seemingly have a musical composition of their own. Can you hear their leaves singing a melody?

Events at Lummus Park

A gathering of volleyball players

This fellow was preparing to either RAP or do some breakdancing moves. Ahhh...there is my shadow, my silhouette, as I capture MY life and experiences.

A Kid's Playground

Lummus Park Beach Walk

Welcome to the Beach Walk Trail

The beautiful paver stones line the Beach Walk trail. YES, paver stones can be beautiful too!

Another Man in Red, that I made smile with my camera. These are THE connections I love to remember my trips by. RED is a hot color and I love capturing it with my camera as it i's oh so COOL to me!

Dinner at the Atlantic Bar and Grill

Next to the Congress Hotel, after I finished capturing the OTHER Man in Red, the Atlantic Bar and Grill stopped me walking through, trying to rush back to the car, to make sure I had enough change in the meter. My watch was still on PST and I was calculating the time difference when the scent of FOOD filled the air. I remembered then, while I was soaking in South Beach through my camera, I had forgotten how hungry I truly was. I didn't have lunch except the few pieces of Cassava chips I snacked on, after returning from Publix earlier. So the dinner special was a $15 Steak. I figured it was my first night in Miami and I didn't really need to splurge on a fancy meal. $15 is CHEAP eating on South Beach. So I took a seat, but of course still wanted to keep on photographing everything in sight! Hahah.

Give a girl a camera and some good subjects to capture, she will be happy for many minutes, hours, or days. Give a girl some delicious food, she can write and write about how delicious the texture, colors, flavors, etc. are. Give a girl some good company and interesting people to talk to and she'll talk you to DEATH, into the wee hours of the morning, no matter how exhausted her physical self is but her spirit is always ALIVE and energized!

Insalata Caprese is one of my FAVORITES! This particular version was oh so delicious. The tomatoes were so scrumptious and sweet! I started off with this salad and then had the dinner special (New York Steak with fries). The steak was quite ordinary (once you've dined at Ruth's Chris, most steaks are ordinary!) Dinner hit the spot as I didn't have lunch. I was ready afterwards to head back to the Sheraton to call it a night. (Not really, I was at Sheraton concierge's computer (thanks to the night crew!), until midnight, continuing to make new connections)

I hope you enjoyed my photo-essay of Miami's South Beach. This is the last of Part II (A, B and C). One more post to go, capturing my last day in Miami, and it's almost as if you were there with me.

Be at Peace,

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