Monday, April 28, 2008

Show Stop: April 27, 2008: Los Angeles Bead Society Spring Bazaar

Another show completed and this time it was a one day event at the Los Angeles Bead Society Spring Bazaar. The LABS bi-annual bazaar holds many memories for me. It was the first major show that I exhibited at, while I was a young up 'n coming glass artisan, still working full-time, as a quality assurance engineer.

Can you find my name on this list?

That first year, Fall 2004,
they placed me on the STAGE. Here I thought I was "extra special" but then I found out that newbies always got placed on the stage because it was generally the least desirable location. Haha! No one really liked being under all the stage lights as it can get rather hot. Imagine glass beads under stage lights! Ouch!

You see, the bazaar is held at the Culver City Veteran's Memorial Auditorium (shown above. Notice the beautiful movie reel sculpture? This is the movie industry (as a matter of fact, Sony Pictures is just down the street) and you can't really escape Hollywood when you are in L.A. I was in the main room with a stage (aka the auditorium). I was just glad to have gotten a space at the show, since I was a new member of the society. So I was placed right smacked at center stage right in front of the mobile stairs. I was afraid that people would hurt themselves coming up to the stage to visit the "lucky" vendors placed there.

The Main Room aka Auditorium
(the stage is way in the back under the lights)

Now reflecting back, it was a pretty good darn first show for me. I consider any show where I make new connections and friends, a good show. Of course making money is good, but it's not the prime objective in my business. I think if one focuses and makes beautiful work, the money will follow. So for me it's all about the connections and re-connections, the links and friendships. I was under the limelight and I met a lot of people being at center stage. One of my future friends was none other than Karen Lewis (KLEW) who traded with me one of her beads for one of my earlier Le Fiore Vive florals. I didn't care how much or how little I sold that day, but the fact that KLEW wanted to trade with ME? Wow that was somethin' else.

Since then, I have been exhibiting at every show except one (Spring 2007.) I exhibit at this show to support the bead society and I enjoy my time spent talking to all the beaders. Couldn't you tell Sunday for those that couldn't escape my chatter? (smile) Not many photos to share at this venue but I did manage to break in the Canon, finally. Woohoo. There is more to Sunday in the next post. What next post, you ask? Be patient.

I want to thank all the customers who came to visit my booth
, to thumb through Bead Romantique, to buy the book and then listened to me speak about the Japanese PPT kit. It was a fun time and I look forward to October when I see you all again! See you then, but don't drift too far, because I wanted to share with you what Nick and I love to do AFTER the LABS show. I am ready to come clean, divulge a well hidden secret and a weakness. Yes, we all have weaknesses, even ME! (smile) I'm not ashamed of it and I'm ready to tell the WORLD!

Okay, now the real truth comes out. I really only exhibit at the Los Angeles Bead Society Bazaar bi-annually because we love going to CARNEY's after the show. You twisted my arm and now I have to show you why we love Carney's so much in the next post. Don't blame me if you end up at Carney's next time you are in Studio City! I DID warn you. (smirk)


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