Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Thursday Tease

You may be wondering why I am posting at this hour. Well now you know that I really DON'T sleep.

Today I returned back to the studio, after nearly a three week absence, due to intense show hopping around. My other secret identity is a superhero, who flies off from one part of the nation (Portland) one week, followed by flying clear across to the other side of the USA (Miami). It's so fun to be a superhero, if only I had useful superpowers! Btw, I also talk/write about weird subjects in the wee hours of the morning. I think it's because I like to tell stories to keep myself entertained in lieu of listening to the creepy noises around the house. HAHA!

Lighting the flame, watching the glass melt and manipulating the shape with my guiding hands (not bare hands, with specialized tools, silly) reminded me today of why I LOVE, absolutely LOVE working in this medium. So I found myself working, working and working until this hour with one of my favorite bands playing in the background. I never get tired of cycling that CD over and over again, driving people nearby me to wonder what is wrong with me that I would want to listen to the same songs over and over again, continuously. Well, because Marty Casey is one cool dude and has a divine voice. He can sound "romantic" but yet "rock 'n roll" too. My favorite song is TREES! (because I love trees). (Click to read more about Marty. See Marty below wearing a wonderful T-shirt with wings that conjure up some design ideas.)

Another favorite is "Casualty", from Marty Casey and Lovehammers CD released in January 2006 (this is the CD I keep on playing over and over): Aren't the lyrics COOL!

Rise and fall,
Climb the Walls.
Won't stop till I have it all.
One man can make a difference.
The battle's inside of me.
The fight's begun, but not yet won.
And I won't become one more casualty.

Now I want to quote Marty, who said this about his fame after the Rock Star competition where he ended as the runner up to being the lead singer of INXS! I heard about Marty from a local radio station one morning thus leading me to his glorious music. (Note to self: Fan club president, Jenny Creson, emailed me this morning to say that there are actually previous CDs that I am missing out on. She was notified that I was writing about Marty on my blog (ain't the Internet grand?) and wanted me to know that they are working on a new album NOW in studio. Woohoo. I'm excited. Now that is one fan club president that is on top of things. No I don't belong to the Fan club "yet")

"I don't feel like I am a different person since Rock Star, he says. "Some people presume I am, and they treat me differently now. The challenge is to remain true to who you are even when that foundation gets shifted. You gotta' bend and not break."

These are the words that I too live by. I remain true to who I am even though Bead Romantique has taken off and has been quite successful. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE!! Keep the letters coming! I love reading from all of you.

Of course I could go to bed but I'm still energized and need to wind down before sinking into my dreamworld. Okay... Okay... With no further delays and quirky conversations, in today's Thursday Tease, I tease you with TEXTURE! but in BLACK and WHITE. Even though the image is void of "color", the different tones of black and white along with the added texture lends to our imagination. (Or is it just me?)

What does this image conjure in you to want to create?

I see a glass bead or an intricately woven bracelet in there, don't you? Hmmm... further contemplation and study also makes me think of a lovely texture one could create and achieve in a rolling mill to create perhaps a metal cuff. The diamond shapes on the brick stones makes me think of the diamondback snake. (Hey, the Arizona Diamondbacks! how strange that this Thursday Tease would connect to next week's Bead Expo Phoenix special Friday night baseball outing!) Wowza, so many connections in my LIFE these days, it's amazing.

All silliness aside, with all that being said, it's time for bed people. I will sleep for a "few" hours, maybe. I'll seriously think about it. Haha.

Until next time,
Design Creatively,
(with a smile and some humor, as well as GREAT music!)

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