Friday, June 4, 2010

Introducing the NEW Limited Edition KITS at BnB!

Ever since I started writing projects for publication in late 2005, there was always a desire to eventually be able to offer kits for some of my designs.

I often use vintage beads, Swarovski crystals or high quality semiprecious gemstones in my beadwork, so the feasibility to recreate certain designs was not economical to some.

Many of you have asked me for kits, especially since my book Bead Romantique was published in March 2008.

I was and have been listening.


I was not ignoring your cries.

But I have also been very busy with MANY projects and focusing on my glasswork. Most of my time is devoted to ensuring my preparedness for each show which I have many each year. I am only ONE person and do not have a team of little ants working for me. I do everything from photography, web design, procurement, advertising, packing, shipping... etc.

You get the idea!

I didn't have enough hands to work on developing kits, until.....

I had a wonderful discussion with my friend Pamela Maxfield (owner of Bello Modo) in Tucson 2010, where I was attending as a designer this year instead of the glass beadmaker. Bello Modo was also representing my Botanicals at the Whole Bead show. And after some brainstorming in Tucson (Feb 2010), discussing further in Santa Fe (March 2010) and MANY emails later, I am very EXCITED to be able to offer you my exclusive collaboration of LIMITED EDITION kits with Bello Modo.

The first kits are based off of THREE designs featured in Bead Trends Magazine's June 2010 issue. In the feature I designed 7 ensembles inspired by Victoria's Love Story. We will be introducing these limited and numbered kits at the Bead and Button show next week. You will be able to view the originals at my booth, #818 and then walk down to Bello Modo to purchase alternate colorways at booths #838 and #840.

And we haven't forgotten about those who can't attend Bead and Button, so the kits will be made available on Bello Modo's website soon. I'll add a link here and on my website when Bello Modo launches the kits on their website. Different colorways will also be developed on popular designs overtime. Remember these are limited edition colorways so if you like a color get it soon as some of the components are hard to restock.

The kits will come with full instructions and a nice photo of the finished design for your reference. All materials to recreate the respective design is included, EXCEPT the standard tools like chain nose, round nose and flush cutters which most beaders have in their tool stash already. I used the Professional Precision Tools for all my wirewrapping and should you need a kit, you can find them available on my website or the kit is also available at my shows. I will have a limited quantity of the tool kits at BnB and an optional upgrade with a small fabric toolwrap!!!

ALL crystals are guaranteed to be Swarovski and ALL antiqued brass findings are Vintaj. You will note their respective logos on the kit packaging.

Here is a sneak peak at what is in store at Bead and Button and soon on the Bello Modo site.

The photos below show the actual colorways being offered currently:

Capture Thy Heart (Necklace and Earring Kit): The thought of finally seeing Victoria after several weeks of absence quickened his steps. He scuffled through fallen leaves and pushed aside the ivy vines that hid the pathway into their hideaway, careful not to make too much noise. He wanted to take her away and start life anew but that was not immediately possible. He still could not believe that he was able to “capture her heart” nor could he fathom that she loved him as much as to risk her father’s antipathy.
A filigree heart connector cages and captures a Swarovski crystal heart drop. The symbolism in this design evokes Victoria feeling caged by her father’s will, yet her heart is captured by love and now belongs to Him. The festoon necklace scallops romantically around the neck to lovingly caress the wearer.

Water Lilies (Necklace Kit): Victoria sat at one edge of the pond in the Secret Garden, a special secluded hideaway from prying eyes. Water lilies floated amongst several frogs, hopping from lily pad to lily pad whilst sunning themselves in the afternoon sun, croaking loudly in unison. The noise did not bother her as she drifted dreamily into thought, feeling rapid anticipation for the late evening. She smiled contently.
Custom coated waterlily colored baroque crystal drops adorn this netted chain necklace. Combined with golden shadow briolette drops and faceted rounds, the design evokes a subtle elegance. In any lighting, the crystals sparkle from the right, from the left and from center stage. This necklace caresses the neckline in choker length with sparkly drops dancing about, adding to the fluidity, flow and movement of the design.

Note: Waterlily colored baroque crystal drops were unavailable but will be offered in the future. There will be many other colorways to select from later.

The Damsel & the Dragonfly (Necklace Kit): Victoria, “The Damsel in Distress”, is represented by the large oval rhinestone wrapped by the orchid filigree. The filigree symbolically frames the contours of her face while the two small drops represent her earrings. It has been several weeks since she saw her Love. Arriving early to the Secret Garden, she waits longingly for her “Knight in Shining Armor”. A dragonfly dances playfully below her face. Dragonflies are symbols of courage, strength and happiness.
This necklace can be worn long as a sautoir or doubled by joining the spiral clasp as a double tiered lavaliere. When worn as such, a crystal necklace frames the pendant protecting Victoria in her Secret Garden. The chandelier earrings with its tiered chain embellishments and crystal dangles compliment the pendant’s wrap style.

Note 1: The large jump ring that attaches the filigree wrap to the dragonfly dangle requires to be carefully added from the back, slowly and precisely. It will be snug but as you can see in the samples above, it will work. Also, the original design used a vintage oval Swarvoski crystal. In the kits we will be substituting a similar shaped Czech or German oval crystal due to the obsolete Swarvoski crystal. This changes the crystal link counts on both necklaces but with no material changes. The kit instructions have been revised to reflect this change.

Note 2: We are working on issuing the earring kit separately. Due to the vintage nature of the stone I used, we are seeking some alternate sources.

Note for ALL kits: Although there is sufficient wire included for each project, the length of wire in the kits are based off of my method of wire-wrapping. It is recommended that you pick up an extra spool of 24 gauge Artistic Wire vintage bronze (or "gunmetal" as called by some) if you make a mistake and need to redo a wrap.


ONLY Bello Modo is authorized to create and sell my limited edition kits with the original copyrights of these designs to myself, Lisa Kan Designs. No other third parties may sell, distribute, OR reproduce any part of the kit in any form. EVERY kit is numbered for authenticity and each colorway has a limited edition of NO MORE than 250 or LESS kits issued when components used are vintage.

I hope you have enjoyed this sneak peak and take advantage of the limited edition kits at the Bead and Button show. These first few kits and this launch are VERY limited.

See everyone at the show soon!!!

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