Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bead Fest Santa Fe, FREE Pass!!

Hi everyone, especially Bead Fest Santa Fe attendees...

I've got you set up here with a FREE invitation to visit Bead Fest Santa Fe. The show is fast approaching and will be held from March 18-21, 2010 at the Santa Fe Community Convention Center and La Fonda Hotel. If you can come on preview night, March 18th, you will get first dibs on EVERYTHING. We will be opened from 5-9p.m. and I'm at the Convention Center, Booth #208!!

So save some money on admission to spend at the show and print out the following FREE pass below to the upcoming Bead Fest show. (Right click on image and save on your desktop to print out!) If you are planning to attend more than one day, you'll need to fill out this pass for EACH day!

I will have lots of Botanicals, the tools (PPT), tool wraps, my book, pearls and Italian mesh with a few other surprises too. We'll be including our Botanical silk corsage bracelet tutorial and idea sheet as a free giveaway with every Botanical bead purchase! We will also be introducing our NEW larger tool and bead wraps for metal clay and polymer clay artists in our signature Japanese fabrics, all handmade by my sister Sandy! There will be limited quantities but you'll get a chance to see the wonderful new fabrics we've added to our limited edition tool wrap line in Santa Fe!

So come for the fun and the beads - to chat and to see - be inspired and be enamoured, etc. Make sure you visit my booth too, #208! Then stay a bit longer for some great Southwest dining!

I'll see everyone in Santa Fe!


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Happy New Year to YOU!

I want to first wish everyone a Happy New Year! I know it is late but not really because we just celebrated Chinese New Year.

I'm off the hook right? ;o)

Well, can't blame me for trying...

I must apologize to those who read my blog that I was very busy after my last post entry regarding our trip to Portland Bead Fest. 2009 was a very challenging year for our family but I won't go into the nitty gritty details only to say that I am glad it is over. 2010 promises a new fresh outlook and I am SO excited about where I am taking my art. I am fortunate and feel blessed for the many friends/customers I have in the bead world. Thank you for your continual support. I wouldn't be where I am without YOU!

I have since started a Facebook page that I hope to be able to keep up. (biting nails) I hope to make announcements about shows and upcoming articles as well as interesting "other" things that I do. With Facebook growing exponentially each year, lots of artists are finding new audiences for their work there. So join and visit me on my Facebook page, Lisa Kan.

In the meantime, I'm working on a lot of neat projects and collaborations, simultaneously to preparing for shows. Its a bit hectic at times but I'm loving it. So although, postings here will be less, I hope to come here from time to time to share my thoughts with you.

I took a break from exhibiting in Tucson this year and just attended the shows for a full week of fun exploring. Walking around Tucson, I was energized and inspired by all the eye candy made by my friends and fellow artists. Brimming with new inspiration, ideas and opportunities I could hardly sleep all week. Adrenaline was what kept me going most days. I enjoyed every moment of Tucson even though I did miss visiting with all the beaders at my own booth.

I have decided that I will not be exhibiting in Tucson in the upcoming years (at least the next two years) so I can continue my exploration. I think that far ahead. Yes, I do. It will be fun to see how my art will change with this extra time off to work on many ideas I've put aside "on the back burner" while I was writing so extensively the last few years. I already know how to fill the time as I have been waiting for this opportunity for a LONG while.

I am still exhibiting at my regular shows the remainder of the year so I'm not taking a complete break from exhibiting totally. This only affects Tucson. I would be loss if I could not talk to beaders and glass enthusiasts at shows. I love talking to all of you when you visit my booth. I can not give that up but I have modified my 2010 exhibit schedule so I can make this happen. I've actually added three new shows this year to make up for missing Tucson. I will be exhibiting at Glass Craft & Bead Expo (Las Vegas, NV) and the Rocky Mountain Bead Society Bazaar (Denver, CO) this April. I have also added the Softflex Hawaii Fall to the show lineup. Actually it is an excuse to visit Hawaii and share some time with beaders at the same time. This means that we will not be at Softflex's New York venue since most of you come to the Bead Fest Philly show (August) to visit me anyways. These new changes are all fun and exciting.

For Tucson, don't worry, my new glass designs will be represented exclusively by my friends at Bello Modo at the Whole Bead Show, Windmill Suite 125. We already have some exciting things planned for next year! I'll also make sure to be at the Whole Bead Show on Friday night (openhouse night until 9 p.m.!) to meet, to greet and to answer any beady questions you may have. So let's mark the calenders and you have a date! Meet me in Tucson 2011 at the Whole Bead Show (I'll list the show dates later as we approach Tucson 2011)!

Right now I am getting ready for Bead Fest Santa Fe and taking care of some back orders. So I will cut this post short only to invite all of you to join me on Facebook where I'll be on from time to time. Drop by for a visit - to chat, to look, and/or to read. I look forward to our next visit together.

Stay inspired and keep on creating
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