Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Introducing Five New Fabrics

Has it really been a month since I posted here? How time flies...

I have been busy making beads for Bead and Button with spare time spent on...

Yes, knitting...

I have finished my Rambling Rows Blanket after scrounging around for the discontinued Kureyon colorway #157 from many sources. Despite having to use FOUR dye lots, it worked out since the design is mitered and not a big issue. I had to remove some of the dark brown yarn along the way so end up using more skeins than normal. I'll have a designated post showing off the blanket later. The only remaining item I need to knit on this blanket is determining the border.

Having a need to keep these hands busy...

I have since cast on TWO new projects and working on them in parallel.

Egads! I am so bad neglecting my beadwork.

I am working on new blanket (in Noro Kureyon #150) called Frankie's Ten Stitch Blanket.
This blanket is intended for Nick. I also started making a Net Duffel Bag (in Louet Euroflax Sportweight in Pewter) designed by Vivian Hoxbro. I've been enthralled with mitered and short-row knitting lately.

For my birthday recently, Nick "allowed" me to purchase yarn from Webs' Anniversary Sale with little limits. I'll let you know that I did behave and control myself. I have also been collecting many knitting books and am looking forward to receiving my Addi Clicks this week. Can I spoil myself any more? Thanks Dear Husband!!


And yes, I will post about Santa Fe in back dated posts later. I have been terribly bad about uploading my trip photos and now I'll soon be on my way to my next show. I have been using every bit of "spare" time to knit and I should have been more diligent in keeping all of you updated on the happenings here at Lisa Kan Designs by blogging.

You can blame these hands of mine...

itching to knit at every chance moment.

I will soon need to design the last Designer of the Year project too.

Well, here is the latest news about our new introductions at Bead and Button. We will have FIVE new fabrics in our popular toolwraps. As the initial fabrics sell out, we continually seek beautiful replacements with each new introduction. Did you see the wonderful feature of our toolwraps in Beads 2009?

Here are the new fabrics, shown in the medium size wrap, but is also available in small.

Hope to see all of you at the Bead and Button Show. We have our own booth this year (#820) for the first time after subbing for our friends Specialty Beads last year in their booth. The good folks at Bead and Button was SO nice to invite me back and we're so excited! Thank you!

We will continue to have our tool wrap specials and other great deals at our shows. See you in Milwaukee soon. If you can't make it but want one of the new patterns, just email me and I'll reserve one for you. These patterns are again limited production as we have our next batch of fabrics already waiting in the wings.

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