Thursday, May 27, 2010

Bead Trends June 2010: Designer Highlight

I want to take this opportunity to share with all of you, Bead Trend Magazine's June 2010 feature of my work.

As many of you know, I not only work in glass but I also design jewelry for publication through my articles for many industry magazines, both in the US and abroad. It is my hope that my writing and designs will inspire beaders (and stringers) old and new into the art of craft.

I do not teach in any other medium than through my writing. Through my writing, I can reach many more people and artists than I can in a classroom setting. This is why I write SO much!!

I don't have an opportunity to bead as much as I used to but when I do, most likely an article will result. Although my specialty is designing intricate beadwork for the seed beader, at times I am invited to share my design techniques in other mediums. I look forward to each of these challenges.

This feature on my romantic and vintage design sensibilities has been over ONE year in the works. I would like to first thank Tatia Meyer, editor of the wonderful idea book Bead Trends, for inviting me in late 2008 to be part of the Designer Highlight after her invitation to design the cover of Bead Trends' December 2008 issue.

At the time, I had accepted the invitation from Beadwork Magazine to be one of four Designers of The Year 2009. That commitment was a wonderful experience as well, designing six exclusive projects for the readers in every 2009 Beadwork issue. Writing kept me busy in between my glass and exhibits! It was a challenging time not in designing but to switch hats from glass to seed beads in between all my shows.

So when my commitments were completed, Tatia was so nice to offer me again to be part of the Romance June 2010 issue as the Designer Highlight. She asked me to think romance, love and weddings.

(click the image for a larger view)

Hey, I'm the romantic and that is one of my trademarks.

It was not difficult to create the story of Victoria and a love story behind the pieces. I hope you will be encouraged to pick up this issue of Bead Trends to create a love story of your own.

In this issue you will find the following, 23 pages of my work with my story of why I do what I do and why I work so hard in doing it. Most pieces have complimentary designs that can be worn interchangeably or in a multitude of ways. Just use your imagination and go....

1. On the cover, Blushing Blossoms: pages 1 and 8

2. Designer Highlight Feature: page 41

3. Victoria's Spiral: pages 42-45

4. Midnight in the Garden: pages 46-49

5. The Secret Garden: pages 50-53

6. The Damsel and the Dragonfly: pages 54-57

7. Capture Thy Heart: pages 58-61

8. Water Lilies: pages 62-63

I also want to thank Vintaj and Kim Fox for their support in this feature. Without their wonderful findings, my designs would not be what they became. Also thanks to K. Gottfried Inc for some of the lovely crystals used in the projects! Thank you SO VERY much to all three!

Get a sneak peak at some of the designs on Vintaj's blog!!

About Bead Trends Magazine from their website:

From the novice to the professional, the art of beading and jewelry design is a craft that anyone can enjoy. It is a world of beauty filled with color, pattern, design, texture, and style. It provides a satisfying outlet to create something that is a unique expression of yourself.

Because we have a passion for creating and believe that everyone has within them the talent and vision to make beautiful things with their hands, Bead Trends has introduced a beautifully photographed series of idea books designed to inspire. Every issue is filled with a variety of styles and techniques that showcase the work of many talented crafters. A favorite section of mine is our “Designer Highlight.” In this section we are introduced to a single artist, who is then given the opportunity to express him/herself and showcase their personal style in their designs.

To read more, visit Bead Trends website


Thank you for everyone's continual support and enjoyment of my work. You make my dreams come true.

I will continually give you my VERY best

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