Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Ume... Plum Blossoms... the 3 NEW Botanicals

Lisa is tired ...

VERY tired

What's keepin' me up is adrenaline and looking forward to my Santa Fe trip where I'll be seeing some of my favorite people, dining at some great eats, and just plain fun with artsy folks...

See previous posts for info on Bead Fest Santa Fe and the free pass you can print out.

Don't say I didn't try to save you some money!

Come spend it at my booth, will ya? (#208, at the Convention Center)

I wanted to write one more blog post before heading off to Santa Fe... just ONE more.

Does this redeem me for my lack of writing last year? Pretty, please?

Goodness I have been so active with my writing, its a wonder how I got all these beads made.

I know MAGIC folks.

So before my head hits this keyboard...

I want to let you know... for each show this year, I hope to introduce at least three or MORE new Botanical colors.

How is it possible to have MORE colors, Lisa? Isn't there a limitation to the color palette?

Well yes and no.

If you have a Color Goddess on your shoulders looking over you while you make Botanicals... then you are blessed to create infinite combinations of colors in differing shades and hues.

Hey besides, I know MAGIC!

So with no further adieu, Bead Fest Santa Fe attendees will be able to pick up the following three new colors. Please come on Thursday March 18th for opening night festivities from 5-9p.m. If you come, you will get first dibs on everything.

Everything is limited...

Don't say I didn't warn you to come early. If something sells out, well I guess you can always place an order and "wait".

I do make custom orders on rare occasions, only if you give me an extra $2 dollars for every bead or special request.

So, I am human and can only make so many beads each day. Don't want to have carpo tunnel.

But I have been productive even though some of you know that I have also been quite active updating my page on Facebook.

I can usually do 3-4 things at once and plan my time accordingly. Besides, by the time of this post, you'll know I really don't sleep much.


Here's the new colors... as I need to get back to packing.




Well that's about all you need to know. The photos speak for themselves I hope.

And if you visit my website catalog, you'll find I have many sales going on... because there will be some interesting surprises coming

And I'm NOT telling you what they are... until you buy up all the items on sale.

So come see me in Santa Fe if you are near... I promise I won't talk to you to death. I'll probably be snoring behind the booth, trying to catch up on the Zzzz's.

Good night/Good morning

Yes, back to work...


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Come to Bead Fest, Santa Fe...

It's SHOWTIME folks!

I will be exhibiting at the Bead Fest Santa Fe show from March 18th to March 21st. If you are nearby and happen to be in Santa Fe, please come by the show and visit me at booth #208. I'd love to chat and visit with you. I'm at the Convention Center.

Here are the nitty-gritty show details:

Santa Fe Community Convention Center
201 W. Marcy St
Santa Fe, NM 87501
Santa Fe County

2nd location with more vendors:

La Fonda Santa Fe
100 E. San Francisco
Santa Fe, NM 87501
Santa Fe County

For a list of exhibitors you can visit, click here:

Bazaar Hours:
Thursday, March 18: 5 PM - 9 PM
Friday, March 19: 10 AM - 6 PM
Saturday, March 20: 10 AM - 6 PM
Sunday, March 21: 11 AM - 5 PM

Admission Fees at the door: *Cash Only*
1 day - $10
2 day pass - $12
3 day pass - $14
4 day pass - $16

But if you use this pass, you HAVE TO come to my booth for a visit.

Also just announced by Interweave is a BRAND new show this October!

Mark your calendars folks, this new show is coming to Texas. I have been asking the Bead Fest folks to add a venue in Texas and finally it is coming true! I am COMING to see all of you in Texas this October. I don't care if I have to slave in the studio. I am SO there! So Texas... HELLO out there!

Bead Fest Texas
October 1-3, 2010
Arlington Convention Center
1200 Ballpark Way
Arlington, TX 76011

See everyone soon in Santa Fe!


Monday, March 15, 2010

Introducing the NEW Metal Clay and Polymer Clay Toolwraps

What you see above are the fabrics being introduced at Bead Fest Santa Fe later this week.

What for Lisa?

Well, thank you for asking...

With the popularity of our small and medium Tri-fold Tool and Bead Wraps, we of course was planning all along to introduce the large version. Projects like these take time to develop. You can read more about the wraps on my website and see more detailed photos.

Basically this wrap is targetted for the Metal Clay and Polymer Clay artists. Have you seen all the tools they lug around and generally in plain looking toolwraps? I think having one of our toolwraps would make creating oh so much more fun. Don't you say?

So here are just some photos of what you can use our new LARGE wrap for. I'll let the pictures do the talking because this girl is WAY too exhausted right now to write any more.

For the Metal Clay and Polymer Clay Artist:

For the Seed Beader:

For the Knitter, Crocheter and Needleworker:

For the Painter and/or General Crafter:

For the Glass Artist:

Now, can you see why we are SO excited about this new line of wraps? Now we have three sizes to meet all your needs.

So drop by Bead Fest Santa Fe between March 18th to March 21st as we will have a limited quantity. These are MSRP at $39.95 and are made in the USA by ONE person, my sister Sandy.

If you purchase more than one wrap, you will get $5 off each subsequent one. So come on by and check these wraps out. I'll do a demo for you too if you'd like.

See everyone in Santa Fe soon

Good night/Good morning!!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Happy Surprise.... It's a SURPRISE!!

Sometimes, you just do things for others because that's who you are.

I do things for others "just because" I care about them, sometimes even before they ask me.

Never do I expect anything in return... but perhaps just a simple "Thank You!" showing their appreciation.

One of the fun things that makes me HAPPY (yes that subject again) is giving my friends and family unexpected SURPRISES.

I've sent friends unexpected gifts just because I know that whatever I send would bring a SMILE to their faces.

It's not what you give someone (as in the material good), but rather WHY you give them that SURPRISE. Think about that statement a bit.

"Actions speaks louder than words."

A SURPRISE shows someone you are thinking of them and care for them.

I think it is better to give rather than to receive because the more you give others, the more you will receive back tenfold later.

It may not be apparent at first or immediately, but all good things will come back to you. The adage of "What goes around, comes around", you know.

You send out vibes of Happiness and Love... well that is what you will get back!

If you meet up with someone who takes and takes from you... well read my Happiness post from March 3rd and get rid of 'em.

These types of people are not helping the "circle of life". In a circle everything goes around and around... give-take and take-give.

This circle should spin counterclockwise and clockwise, nearly equally.

So, it makes me HAPPY to make those who make me HAPPY, HAPPY...

Life is much better when one is HAPPY.

So what's with the photo of the irises Lisa, if you are talking about Happiness yet AGAIN?

Tuesday March 9, the doorbell rings... I was NOT having a great day this particular Tuesday!

(Ding Dong)

My husband opens the door and it's our neighbor from down the street. We have the same house number but different street names. Apparently a delivery was dropped off erroneously at her house and she walked up to deliver it.

Anyhow, I was in my studio working on Botanicals for Bead Fest Santa Fe and I get called to get a package with somewhat of a perturbed tone.

"Someone apparently sent you some flowers..."

Hmmmmmmmmmmm.... ?

Huh, who would send ME flowers? I couldn't think of anyone who would send ME flowers besides my husband of course. It wasn't my birthday and my husband was not in trouble with me YET. haha.

Well, I opened the box from Proflowers and there was a card.

It said "Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day and life to drive us to and back from the airport."

For a moment I said to myself ... "HUH? IS this a JOKE or is this from one of my goofy friends?"

Then it dawned on me who sent me these irises.

This was a most generous and elder man much my senior.

And OLDER man.

This wonderful man, who just made my day with this wonderful SURPRISE.

I was all SMILES the rest of the day, erasing my earlier bad mood.

The flowers just started blooming in it's vase a few days ago and aren't the irises simply gorgeous?

Makes me HAPPY to know that the bouquet of irises were sent as a "just because" I know you have been working hard and still thought to take care of others, even though you were busy, getting ready for your big show!

I wanted to share with all of you that this wonderful man is none other than my FAVORITE and ONLY Father-in-Law!

I'm such a lucky girl!

Who would have known that driving someone to and from the airport would result in a beautiful bouquet of irises?

I definitely didn't expect this surprise and after the week I had, I *REALLY* needed the irises to cheer me up. No elaborating necessarily... but this girl is NOT always happy go lucky. There are things that DO upset me. But I don't want to go there when I am writing a post on Happiness!

So it's OKAY to get flowers from someone other than your husband, especially if you've volunteered your services as a chauffer to the airport.

Does anyone need a ride to the airport? (wink)

Relish in Surprises

In the Giving as well as In the Receiving
Make Someone Special Happy
With a Surprise!


Friday, March 5, 2010

Passionflower on Knitting Daily Spring 2009

Let me introduce you to my romantic side again and again through my beadwork.

This is Passionflower...

This design was one of six designs, originally published in the April/May issue, which I created to share as Beadwork Magazine's Designer of the Year (DOY) 2009.

As you can see, I can't help but to be influenced by the Victorian/Nouveau period in my work.

This design is actually quite simple and quick to make. Don't let the finished piece fool you. It's one of my techniques in writing projects... to create designs that look difficult but are easy to create. Although it appeared in 2009, you can still pick up the back issue or the project PDF on Interweave's website.

Why am I going back in time and writing about this design on the blog, you ask?

As many of you know, one of my favorite things to delve into during the winter months is knitting with natural fibers (WHEN DOES LISA FIND TIME TO KNIT?) , especially that of wool/silk blends. I have been teaching myself knitting for the last few years but only realistically knitting for a few months because there is just so many things to do around here. I'm a fast learner and have knitted not ONE but TWO queen sized blankets that I'll share photos here sometime later)

(Lisa's informative side note: Your hands are the best creative part of your body... second only to your mind and imagination... your hands create the art that your mind thinks up! So folks, take care of those HANDS!)

So, I was clearing my mailbox of old emails and found that I had wanted to make a note here sometime ago but got busy. Knitting Daily featured the Diminishing Rib Cardigan, cover project from the Interweave Knits Spring 2009 issue, in a superb and wonderful gallery on their blog.

Now how does this EVEN have ANYTHING to do with the Passionflower DOY project?

Have patience my readers...

I'll get to the rest of the story. (For those folks who love trivia like me, this is a Paul Harvey reference.)

Well if you click this link you will find the answer but please promise to come back to my blog, okay?

I'm waiting....


Thank you for coming back to my blog.

I appreciate you listening to directions. ;o)

So now that you've visited the link and even if you didn't, tonight I feel nice and HAPPY so I'll tell you what this is all about, anyways.

(I'm not REALLY THAT nice, folks...don't believe the rumors of my niceness from anyone who DARES to spread such rumors about me. Just go to my Facebook page and see how mean I REALLY am!)

The good folks at the knitting division of Interweave Press, was nice enough to model their Diminishing Rib Cardigan WITH my Passionflower design for Knitting Daily's Gallery.

How COOL is that?

That is Way COOL.

I love SURPRISES, don't you?

Sorry for the caps folks, I am just Happy.

I found this link quite by accident roaming around in knitting newsgroups searching for info, searching for yarn, researching as I do on most things I get myself into.

This was a WONDERFUL surprise and can you tell from the photos that all the models are HAPPY? They are HAPPY to be out in the sun and wearing my Passionflower necklace while wearing the lovely, beautiful Diminishing Rib Cardigan?

Being Happy is GREAT!

If you are puzzled as to why I have reference the word "Happy" or feeling of "Happiness" so often in this post, then you must read THIS POST from Wednesday March 3, 2010.

Go there NOW!

Then Come Back Here!

Enjoy Your Surprises
Today, Tomorrow and Forever
I'm Tired

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I must be on a roll...

Three posts in three consecutive days.

(a bit of trivia for those who love trivia... The number "3" is often used to signify the number of completion.)

I think I've finally made up for the months that I slacked off NOT writing here towards the end of 2009.

I am forgiven right? (wink)

So what is on my mind today and why is Lisa writing so much on the blog this week?

Uhmmm look up there.

Yeah, way up in the RED section.

The topic of this post?

Uh huh.

Because I am "happy".

And so... when Lisa is happy she tends to write, write and write. If you are SO lucky to get one of Lisa's long emails recently (you know who you are), then hey you can always hit DELETE!

And if you have the unfortunate fate of being in her presence, she will talk, talk and talk. So bring some ear plugs if you visit Lisa at a show when she gets into one of her "happy" moods.


Really, what?

Don't you talk about yourself in the third person when you write about yourself? ;o)


Sometimes when I write about "Happinesss" here, I write poetry (one of my favs, Random Thoughts) and other times it's just "free association adlibbing" aka "blabbering out loud".

(okay I took a much deserved break and am back to finish this post. I hope I haven't lost my train of thought but I guess if I don't make much sense, then you'll have your answer).

Let's see here... (flipping through my mental notes.. all the happiness thoughts are in my head and it is all jumbled up from working in the studio all day...) Aaaah Got It...

***** (continued from earlier)

Happiness. What is it and how does one achieve it. It's simplier than you may think. If you search on this blog, you'll find many references on this topic that I've written on over the years. If you find the poetry, then you'll know I can be silly about this topic too.

I don't claim to be the happiest person all the time but I am generally a happy person. There are times, of course, when life deals you cards that you can't "put on a happy face" but here are just some tips I have on staying happy as often as I can.

It takes a lot of energy to be negative (upset or mad...) use the energy instead to channel it towards HAPPINESS. So what will it be for you?

Will you try to be HAPPY with me?

Follow my TOP FIVE tips on how to get and stay Happy. You'll then know the true sense of Happiness like me!

1. Eliminate negative thoughts. Thinking negatively not only brings YOU down, It brings other's down. I try not to think negatively unless it's about someone who is thinking negatively about ME. Hey, turnaround is fair game, so go for it! The double negatives will collide and make a positive. (Math reference, I can't help it!)

2. Eliminate negative people from your life, COMPLETELY. You just show 'em. If YOU're not negative why would you want to keep those pesky so call "friends" who are negative around you, around. Get rid of them. Negative energy around you will bring you down. I try to eliminate all negative people around me. So if I am not around you that much, guess what... yep, need I say more?

3. Listen to your Heart (Not your Wallet). If you do what you love and love what you do, you're a more happy person. It's real simple and not rocket science. For my artist friends out there, if you think about the pocketbook too much, you will invariably sell less. When you create your art.. think about the art... NOT how much you will sell it for at a show. Trust me, I know.. have you seen how cheap my prices are? Guess what? I'm not rich in my wallet but I'm rich in my heart. ;o)

4. Love more, Hate Less. Love your fellow man/woman/child/brother/sister/pet/etc. Simply put, share yourself and your ideas with others. You'll be surprise when you sit next to a stranger at a restaurant or something... just start talking to them. If you get a strange look, well don't BLAME me. I think you just made the wrong selection and that person must have been a "negative" person. Refer to #2. Get rid of 'em. Most people will just smile strangely at you and it's okay because YOU ARE HAPPY and they AREN'T, so you're already ahead of the game! ;o)

5. Don't take things too seriously, just let (it) go. So you have a fight with your best friend. Generally, I think most arguments start out small and is made big for no reason. I mean can't the other person just see it MY way? Be the bigger person and just let go. I mean really just let go. Take the person you are angry with to the tallest bridge in town... then just let (him/her) go. ;oP
Have a great night or morning
Be Happy
I am

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Change...Changes... Changed

People say "change is good"...

I come here this morning again, typing on a new keyboard. Actually not really new just confiscated from storage because I had to "change" to a new keyboard.

Let me tell you a funny story about Lisa, sometimes also fondly referred to as, Ms. Klutz.

There are many things I am capable of doing, especially when I get up early in the morning - all charged up - about what needs to be accomplished on any given day. I generally start off with a Cup of Joe and maybe if I am good a few almond biscottis.

Now mind you, I NEVER eat or drink in front of the computer...

(What am I saying? I can't tell a fib to these GOOD people)

How do you folks think I get as much done around here if I didn't eat in front of the computer? I know bad habit. Bad habits are hard to break sometimes.

So this REAL funny thing happened to me this morning around 7ish a.m...

I've been VERY productive in recent days and getting up at the crack of dawn to work, work and work as I have this HUGE mound of paperwork, computer work, etc. to do. A day in the life of a glass bead artist is not just making glasswork in the studio. There are many business things that need to be accomplished, so that there would be studio time later in the day for preparation of shows like Bead Fest Santa Fe.

Anyhow (I'm not really laughing but...),

Funny thing happened this morning. You see I was just about to take a sip of Joe from my FAVORITE Hershey's mug I picked up from PA last year... , and uhmmmmmmmm somehow I didn't get a good grip... it slipped slightly but because I am so ambidextrous (just look at the photos I shot of my right arm with my left hand holding the Powershot G9) I was able to catch the mug BEFORE too much damage could be created.

However... things don't always seem as they are. Being technically inclined, I knew I had to shut the power off or my entire keyboard may be fried.

So there goes the power.... OFF

The mess was cleaned up but later when my laptop came back on... funky keystrokes would result when I typed.

I mean...

LOOK at this garbage...


Now how am I supposed to make sense on this blog, in emails, on Facebook, on my website... or anywhere else, if I typed like that??

(Not that I make all that much sense usually... but let's play nice and play with me, okay?)

Fortunately I am not all that DUMB after all. I have an arsenal of keyboards stored in SEVERAL boxes in the attic.

Why does anyone need more than one keyboard you ask?


Uhmmm.... you haven't guessed yet?

Well... for THIS exact reason.

(Do you think this is the FIRST time this mishap has happened?)

So here I am with my old Logitech keyboard connected to my laptop and fortunately nothing more on the laptop was fried like the HARD DRIVE. Goodness... this would have slowed me down if I couldn't get online. I would have lost so much data too...

(slaps herself on the forehead)

The interesting thing is... now, if I don't like an email or the person emailing me, I can respond with the fouled up keyboard from the laptop.

If I like the email or the person emailing me... then I use the Logitech.

On the brighter side of things...


If you get an email from me from this day forward, make sure you can read it (smile)

If you can't then... uhmmmmm... I don't know what COULD of happened.

(Maybe you spilled a Cup of Joe on your computer monitor, don't blame me now.)

So what is the lesson of this story?

Don't eat or drink in front of the computer?

NO... Not really...

Although I learn from most of my mistakes and try not repeating any, this girl likes to have FUN, has a lot to do and will still try to maximize time by eating in front of the computer, at times.

Sometimes I change my habits for the good... but in this case, my habits better change with me or ELSE!!

Don't spill again or I'll have to break you into shards!
Yes, I'm warning you, Hershey Mug, for the LAST time.
Don't mess with me.

P.S. I highly recommend other klutzes in the world, who happen to be reading my blog, to go get some of those keyboard covers. You will save yourself a LOT of hassles. Ask me why and how I know. You own me $1 for this valuable tip of the day.

P.P.S. For those who read my blog regularly, you will notice that I have changed the blog's appearance/colors as of today... but still this place is quite unattractive.

Now why would someone (Lisa Kan) who is passionate about "color, shape, texture and creativity" have such an uncreative, color bland blog? I'm working on it...really I am... there are many more higher priorities to handle right getting ready for the next FOUR back to back shows (with only about two weeks apart) and that's not counting other special *secret* projects I'm working on.

And it takes time to find the right accoutrements... but change will be coming folks. It'll just take awhile but I'm working as hard as any human being can behind the scenes. I hope you will see the fruits of my labor soon. Goodness knows, even a spilled Cup of Joe, can't slow this girl down.

Have an Excellent Day Creating Everyone,
Remember this though...

It's okay to make a mess as long as you know how to fix it

Ms. Klutz

Monday, March 1, 2010

Stop For the Roses ...

Hi Everyone...

Yes, you are not imagining things...

It is I...

I am here...

Here I am...

To write to you because I'm in that kind of mood this evening and want to share some thoughts. Plus I feel sorely bad that I haven't really written here (my way) in a long long time... I sometimes get so busy with life, with work, with shows, with everything... that I am lucky to even have the energy to breathe, let alone sleep or eat.

I was reminded recently that there is much more than just working hard in life, there's the need to take a break and have some FUN. Granted, I admit my work brings me FUN and I make my work FUN. It's cyclic but there's hope for this workaholic still...

Which is why and how I selected my topic tonight. Plus a certain someone gave me the idea when emailing about "Why photos of roses evoked a sense of HAPPINESS?" (and I know he will probably read this so thank you, Mr. Certain Someone).

So what is Lisa talking about? and what is this topic "Stop for the Roses?" Well you know the old adage "stop and smell the roses". If you don't, I found Mac Davis's song by the same title and here are his lyrics!

Stop And Smell The Roses
Mac Davis

Hey Mister
Where you going in such a hurry
Don't you think it's time you realized
There's a whole lot more to life than work and worry
The sweetest things in life are free
And there right before your eyes

You got to Stop and Smell the roses
You've got to count your many blessings everyday
You're gonna find your way to heaven is a rough and rocky road
If you don't Stop and Smell the roses along the way

Before you went to work this morning in the city
Did you spent some time with your family
Did you kiss your wife and tell her that she's pretty
Did you take your children to your breast and love them tenderly

You got to Stop and Smell the roses
You've got to count your many blessings everyday
You're gonna find your way to heaven is a rough and rocky road
If you don't Stop and Smell the roses along the way

Did you ever take a walk through the forest
Stop and dream a while among the trees
Well you can look up through the leaves right straight to heaven
You can almost hear the voice of God
In each any every breeze

You got to Stop and Smell the Roses
You've got to count your many blessings everyday
You're gonna find your way to heaven is a rough and rocky road
If you don't Stop and Smell the Roses along the way

You got to Stop and Smell the roses
You've got to count your many blessings everyday
You're gonna find your way to heaven is a rough and rocky road
If you don't Stop and Smell the roses along the way

So that's what I meant by "Stop For the Roses". Mac Davis said it better than I probably ever could.

And since I am talking about roses and stopping for them, why don't you mosey over to my Facebook page when you get a chance. Remember all those photos I promised to share from my trips but didn't get a chance to here? It is much easier to share with everyone the bevy of photos I capture on my adventures on Facebook.

I have started to upload collections of photos from various U.S. gardens I've had the pleasure to visit. And many of them have photos of roses, so how appropriately fitting I would tie this in with this evening's post topic.

(big smile... I am a sneaky one.. better watch out for me.)

With time, I will share with you select photos from my photography archives. This girl tends to get trigger happy when she has her Powershot G9, so there are lots of photos to go through and limited time to do so. But you will start seeing them on Facebook if you visit my page there.

I have more to write but have to save it for later this week. This girl has been up since 6 a.m. and although I have more to say... I will stretch it out a bit... to share with you another day.

(YES! more than one post from Lisa this week...)

(The REAL truth to the sudden ending of this post is that Anthony Bourdain is coming on the Travel Channel. Okay I fessed up. I am both SNEAKY and GUILTY!) (wink)

Until next time,
PLEASE Stop For the Roses everyone...

(This includes YOU as well Mr. Certain Someone!)
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