Monday, June 21, 2010

Blythe Blanket... On Again, Off Again

I thought I would have a chance to knit a bit and work on my Blythe blanket (shown to the left) after Bead and Button, but who am I kidding?

SO SORRY, Blythe...

I DO miss you.

Please don't be mad at ME!

It won't be until NOVEMBER before I have time OR energy to knit.

At least you're getting a sneak peak at the masterpiece I have been working on since last winter.

I am a fast knitter but this blanket will take at least 60 skeins of various yarns and maybe two more years until completion at the rate I am going.


priorities are priorities AND I have to be a grown up about things.

After returning from Bead and Button, I've been tackling special orders and requests. I should be all caught up by Tuesday then move forward to prepping for August shows.  There are many back to back shows, so I better be good and not indulge in my other "hobbies" as I had wanted.

Looks like I won't get to bead either since my special project deadline has been extended.  There is no rush to design "yet". 

So it's just me and my glass for the next month... all July.

I've been playing with new limited color rods I got the other day, experimenting with even more color mixing possibilities, for the Botanical series.

(BIG smile)

I absolutely LOVE playing with color in ANY medium.

Next post, I promise to talk more about the new Botanical colors introduced at the Bead and Button show. And, I actually introduced more colors than I originally thought but also four colors were recently "retired" or discontinued due to running out of the respective limited production glass color(s).

Aaaaah... but those are the breaks!

Makes things interesting as well as frustrating if you like a color a lot!

Life remains VERY busy for this girl.

I stay out of trouble when things are busy for me.


P.S. You are not imagining, I can write shorter posts and the blog does have a new look thanks to Blogger's new template designer.
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