Monday, March 23, 2009

Your Opinion Counts ...

This morning I received the latest newsletter. It was filled with ideas from Beadwork Editor, Melinda Barta, on how to take design elements from the April/May issue to create your own unique beadwork. I admit I also have never attempted any designs from all the bead magazines I subscribe to or follow instructions.... haha. I usually flip through my magazines to see color combos and what my fellow designer friends are designing these days. Bead magazines are great sources of inspiration but don't limit yourself as interior design, fashion, gardening, photography, fiber, knitting and other magazines are also great resources in planting ideas for your creativity.

I also received an email from a CT beader, Judy, this morning asking me where I get my ideas and how I get inspired for my designs. I wrote several articles for Softflex Company in 2007 - a three part series, that explains how I approach designing beadwork. Take a look and read here.

In the meantime, I was excited to read that our opinions count with Beadwork Magazine. It's great to see a magazine take reader's opinions and comments to the next level to implement them in their pages. I encourage everyone to participate in the Beadwork Reader Advisory Panel.

I'll be posting some Santa Fe stories and photos on the blog soon after I finish compiling the Oct/Nov Designer of the Year project. Back to writing instructions. Last minute designing helps challenge me and push my designing sensibilities up a notch or two. I hope you all have enjoyed the Designer of the Year projects from myself and my fellow DOY designers. And please keep the emails coming. I always enjoy hearing from you all and reading what beady projects you've made. Pictures are also gladly welcomed.

Bead Creatively,


Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Thursday Tease

I often reminiscence about my travels to Japan in my past life as an engineer. Although I was meant for this beady and glassy life that I lead now all along while I was "growing up", my time as an engineer gave me many opportunities to travel to places I would otherwise not have seen in this lifetime. So all is well and I'm making up for lost time in my beady and glassy world these days by working, working, and working. Designing beadwork is my way of telling my stories of my love for nature and history.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder so for this week's Thursday Tease, I tease you with Bento Art. Bento boxes are a staple in the Japanese life and culture. I remembered my hosts in Japan would escort me to the train station and treat me to a bento box meal. The Japanese are such hard working people, always on the go, that they would eat their meals on the train in between destinations and changing trains. The above photo showcases the art created by food arrangement. Food doesn't have to be boring and our inspiration for our art can also be taken from FOOD! The Japanese have a way with making something quite ordinary look balance and beautiful.

So let's eat up, drink up, and create something beautiful in our art inspired by our food.

It's okay to play with your FOOD, forget what your parents told you!!

Bead Creatively,


photo borrowed from Sakurako Kitsa from

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Projects from the Interweave Store

Hello everyone,

Yes it is I and I am back from Santa Fe with new bead adventures, photos and dining stories to share.


Yes I must be a responsible beader and writer.

I must work on an urgent project the next 7 days to meet a super duper important deadline. No need for sleep and I will complete my task.

So I will write more here sometime late next week.

In the meantime, many of you have been looking for select projects from past issues of Beadwork, Stringing, Step by Step Beads, etc. I'm happy to let you know that fourteen of my previous projects and Bead Romantique can be purchased from the Interweave Store. Here is a brief listing of what's available. For a photo of each project, please visit this link:

Pearly Mosaic Item #: EP0590 - A necklace composed of sea-toned circular peyote-stitched "tiles" Mosaic tile work inspired this necklace in colors chosen to mimic the sea. By utilizing both transparent and opaque Japanese seed beads in two sizes, the designer added subtle textural interest to... [more info...]
Availability: In Stock
Price: $4.00

Haiku Item #: EP0592 - Poetic 3-strand necklace To design this necklace, the designer drew from her travels to Japan and her appreciation of the Japanese poet's ability to capture the changing seasons in classical haiku. Summer berries are the... [more info...]
Availability: In Stock
Price: $4.00

Ice Princess Item #: EP0159 - Victorian lace necklace Inspired by Victorian lace, designer Lisa Kan created graceful peyote loops to adorn a herringbone necklace. Crystal quartz briolette beads cluster like frozen droplets. [more info...]
Availability: In Stock
Price: $4.00

Merlot Item #: EP0596 - Pretty Leaf Necklace Pay tribute to the season by incorporating leaves into your next jewelry creation. [more info...]
Availability: In Stock
Price: $4.00

Knotted Treasures Item #: EP0594 - A rich mesh-embellished lariat This rich lariat is meant to be worn wrapped twice around the neck with a tiered effect; the double strands create a more substantial lariat with added texture. This is a great design for using... [more info...]
Availability: In Stock
Price: $4.00

Spiced Tea Item #: EP0598 - Cool Autumn Eve Necklace The rich, warm tones of carnelian, smoky quartz, and gold vermeil in this necklace evoke the feeling of a cool autumn eve, in which the wearer is sipping a hot cup of spiced tea and soaking up the... [more info...]
Availability: In Stock
Price: $4.00

Autumn Bouquet Item #: EP0879 - Brick, herringbone, and peyote stitches unite in a stunning necklace of delicate flowers and leaves. Incorporating leaves she created in her glass studio, this intricate necklace is designed using a variety of beadweaving techniques (brick stitch, herringbone stitch, peyote stitch, spiral rope,... [more info...]
Availability: In Stock
Price: $4.00

Painted Desert Item #: EP0460 - Southwest inspired beaded necklace. For this necklace, the designer was inspired by the colors of the Southwest - turquoise, burnt orange, sienna, and tan. The interplay of color and variously shaped beads adds textural interest to... [more info...]
Availability: In Stock
Price: $4.00

River's Edge Item #: EP0597 - Five-strand necklace This five-strand necklace draws its inspiration from the designer's travels through the Pacific Northwest, where everywhere trees reached for the skies, and the sound of water was ever-present. [more info...]
Availability: In Stock
Price: $4.00

Marguerite Chandelier Earrings Item #: EP0595 - Circular netting is embellished with chain fringes and crystals for sparkling ear adornments Crystal marguerites (flowers) in these romantic accessories beautifully echo the floral earring posts, while the delicate chain dangles add movement. [more info...]
Availability: In Stock
Price: $4.00

Petit Fiore Trellis Bracelet Item #: EP0591 - Picot flowers on right-angle weave trellis This bracelet features a rainbow of picot-based flowers on a right-angle-weave trellis. The design encircles the wrist like a delicate corsage - a dainty and feminine piece that can be worn with... [more info...]
Availability: In Stock
Price: $4.00

Berrylicious Item #: EP0124 - Bracelet featuring berry colored beads Whether berries are eaten by themselves, baked into pies, or sprinkled atop vanilla ice cream, they are berrylicious! In the spirit of that, this bracelet has clusters of gemstones and pearls in... [more info...]
Availability: In Stock
Price: $4.00

Petit Fiore Earrings Item #: EP1127 - Simply stunning earring design Combining seed beads, crystal marguerites, fine chain, and a cubic zirconia drop and earring finding, this earring design is simply stunning. Its base is made with right-angle weave; the flower with... [more info...]
Availability: In Stock
Price: $4.00

Bead Romantique: Elegant Beadweaving Designs Item #: 08BD2 - Bead Romantique features seventeen step-by-step designs inspired by the Gothic, Renaissance, Victorian, and Art Nouveau eras reinterpreted in her distinctive contemporary style. Inspired by art history, artist Lisa Kan offers a truly unique jewelry collection with a romantic yet modern sensibility. Bead Romantique: Elegant Beadweaving Designs features seventeen step-by-step... [more info...]
Availability: In Stock
Price: $24.95

Turning Leaf Item #: EP1365 - Wire-wrapped-loop chain necklace This necklace incorporates the rich, warm colors of the autumn season. Create a custom chain with delicate pearl dangles to accent the lampworked ginkgo focal bead. [more info...]
Availability: In Stock
Price: $4.00

Thank you for enjoying my work, in both glass and seeds
It was great to speak, meet and greet all
in Santa Fe, in emails, and in between
Now I've got to get BUSY or else,
To design, bead and write
The next Designer of the Year project
It is indeed always this hectic, why ask why?
When I switch hats from glass to tiny seeds
I tend to design last minute, a challenge to myself
How I love the mystery of what will result, the pressures
In the transformation of the intangible, my visions
Into reality of what is to be, will become
What I see is not always the obvious, as I live in daydreams
So I'll stop writing here in just a bit, to work hard
Or am I really hardly working, just having fun
I am driven by this great passion to share with anyone
My love of history, of cultures and of nature, stories to tell
To teach through beads, in colors and textures
So gather around everyone, to bead or not to bead
Let's explore together, our individual creativity
Silly, silly
Ms. Lisa

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Thursday Tease

Because this week I am in Santa Fe exhibiting at Bead Fest... and RED is a favorite color of mine...
It symbolizes luck and fortune... as well as LOVE! So vibrant, strong and rich in hue.
Study the different shades of red in the drying chiles above, as the red color drifts into mahongy tones...
This photo of chile ristras not only makes me think of some delicious dining possibilities in Santa Fe but also...
Beaded beads dangling as earring drops...
OR fringes in a necklace, bracelet anyone?
Hmmm... maybe briolettes wired onto chain... swinging and swaying ... this way, that way... here and there.
Felted pods also come to mind... who is gonna stop you from dreaming your dream creation?
So many possibilities...
Do you see a pattern with me? I love being inspired to create when viewing FOOD and its yummy ingredients!
Photo borrowed from Alasam from

Monday, March 9, 2009

Bead Fest Santa Fe: March 12-15, 2009

Location: (I am at the Convention Center, Booth 412)

Santa Fe Community Convention Center
201 W. Marcy St
Santa Fe, NM 87501
Santa Fe County
Location 2:
Hilton Santa Fe
100 Sandoval Street
Santa Fe, NM 87501
Santa Fe County

Follow this link for Online event registration
Why wait in line? Get your Bead Fest Tickets now and avoid the lines! Admission Fees at the door: *Cash Only*
1 day - $10
2 day pass - $12
3 day pass - $14
4 day pass - $16
Registered Bead Fest Santa Fe Students get in FREE all weekend!
*Good at the door only, purchase tickets online to automatically save!
Bazaar Hours:
Thurs, March 12: 5 PM - 9 PM
Fri, March 13: 10 AM - 6 PM
Sat, March 14: 10 AM - 6 PM
Sun, March 15: 11 AM - 5 PM
There will be fun prizes and a BINGO card game. Collect stamps from exhibitors listed and get a chance to win some fun prizes. Look for my name and come visit booth #412.
I will have select Bead Romantique samples on display and debuting my new show display. Come for a chat. Come early if you want a medium sized tool wrap. Thursday is the best day for the best selection.
See you all there!

Something Right ... Right?

Finally things are just about back to "normal" as normal as things can get.

I am "almost" satisfied with the results.

After a few hours of sleep and a cup of joe, my mind was fresh to tackle the software errors I was experiencing last night while rebuilding the website.

Yes, I was pulling my hair out but I still have a head of hair.

These are just ten things I fixed or made a mental note of, while fixing the website:

1. I have fixed the Mozilla Firefox error, so now you can browse without a problem.
2. I have fixed missing page links
3. I have fixed missing photos
4. I have adjusted the site counter back to about what it was before the site crashed
5. I have BACKED UP the entire site on CD (finally)
6. I have written updates here so you are fully aware that the site was down.
7. I have spoken to "me, myself and I" to not do this EVER again or ELSE!
8. I have made a note to check out Dreamweaver for their free 30 day trial soon.
9 I have also made a note to investigate Sitebuilder from Yahoo as an alternative to ensure the site is backed up regularly should "me, myself and I" forget.
10. I have also made a mental note to make time for a workshop on web designing in the future.

No matter how I am kicking myself or have beaten myself over this stupidity the last 24 hours and for having to spend time rebuilding the website, my thought is that you learn from your mistakes. I always learn from my mistakes. I don't enjoy making mistakes but they are good for me (sometimes unless I'm leaving for a BIG show! Egads, bitting nails.)

Now I know more about website designing and development ... or do I?

(sigh of relief)

Please visit the site and enjoy. Take a look at the new tool and bead wraps we are launching at Santa Fe in a few days. Note that I will only have about 3 of the medium sized wraps in each pattern, but will be offering FREE first class parcel shipping, if things sell out at the show. I'll take care of you.. don't you worry.

Sandy is human after all and did not have time to make more for the show. She needs rest/sleep for the day job, but will be ramping up the production of the medium wraps while I'm in Santa Fe.

Help me SELL OUT of these wraps! (gotta keep Sandy busy!)

Now it's time to clean beads

...string beads

...price beads

..and pack beads.

We are leaving at a crazy hour on Wednesday morning, like 3:30 a.m. to drive all day to get to Santa Fe. It's TWELVE hours to Santa Fe with no traffic. We will also start setting up Wed night so you'll know we'll be totally exhausted with the LONG day. Why do you think I'm bringing along Nick? Who do you think will be driving all that distance. HAHAHA! I'm not THAT stupid (smirk)

I will be knitting and working on my Rambling Rows Blanket (which is 1/3rd done) on the drive and possibly getting motion sickness but who cares? My friend Lynn tells me to just knit by touch. I will try that out! I hope to finish the blanket by end of March or early April to share here with you all.

(When does Lisa find time to KNIT?)

I'm looking forward to seeing all my friends, exploring Santa Fe, dining at some great eats, taking photos and talking to all of YOU. I'll post show details later today for those considering coming to the show.

Come to the show, okay?

(WHAT? Lisa is going to write on the blog again today?)


(and I heard that!)

Time to get busy,
(when am I NOT working!)


Just about...

Just about as good as it can get at this hour...

(Lisa looks at the computer clock)

My it's 3 a.m.

This fiasco only took me less than 1/2 hour to foul up and about SIX hours to fix.

She's BRILLIANT ain't she??

La de dah... yes, siree

It's time to get some rest and then continue preparing for Santa Fe

I'm in a better mood knowing that all of you can see and browse the site while I'm gone.. but I am not happy with Frontpage!! Not the least. I'm not happy with myself. I know better than this. I used to take distress calls from people having problems with their electronics... why did I have to go trying "this and that". Why today? Why not when there is more time to tackle these mishaps! Eeeeee...

(self taught web designer here! now you know why all the periodic goof ups)

I want to thank Yahoo Small Business Tech Janardhan for his patience and allowing me to talk fast in communicating my frustrations. He recommended me to download the trial of Dreamweaver for a testrun and then shelling out the big bucks later, if I like the platform. No need to think this over... if I have to give up some beads and skeins of yarn for Dreamweaver CS3/4, I'll do it.

(Talks to self: What am I saying?...I must be desperate or really can't stand Frontpage. My can I stop buying more?? Can't stop..don't want to stop... must think of alternatives like sneaking some expendable cash from Nick...(smirk) Aha! Yessssssss........)

I fixed it..and I'm not gonna break it again (yeah right!!)

(taking a deep breath)

It's late and I start writing strange things that is a sign to get some rest.. I'll be up before I need to wake up.

I NEVER GIVE UP UNTIL THE JOB IS DONE... NEVER. You can't take me down Frontpage. I got you cornered and you are going "bye bye". Hasta la vista, baby!

P.S. I'm writing a lot here this week but after I return from Santa Fe, I will be absent from the blog for about two weeks or so, with the exceptions of the Thursday Tease posts. I need to work on several SUPER DUPER, seriously important assignments with real deadlines. I rather lose sleep over writing assignments than troubleshooting software issues. Egads!! I will learn with time..

but obviously
still loves to write
a lot
even at this hour

Still Working on the Website...

Guess what?

You got it...

I am REBUILDING my entire website because this techie didn't make a backup BEFORE she decided to move things around and do FANCY things on her website. She played around too much and managed to mess up all the photo links instead of sprucing up the site right before Santa Fe. (site is uploading on the main computer while I am typing on the Mini 9 here.)

After Santa Fe, I am going to investigate other web publishing softwares and getting myself out of the Microsoft Frontpage platform. I am going to redesign my entire website as my next big task and goal. Frontpage has become obsolete and ridiculous. I was just too cheap to buy something more sophisticated.

I've HAD it.

I will be up all night.... who needs sleep right? I rather have things right. It's my fault for even sticking with Frontpage.

(screaming!!!!!!!!!!!!! in my head because I don't want to wake the neighbors)

Generally I LIVE for these challenges but not right before a show. It shows me to backup my website more often... this took up valuable time I could have had in the studio.

Let's see if I still have my touch of fixing things that I foul up myself. (shaking head profusely side to side)

"Do as I say... not as I do."

Back to troubleshooting... (upload is taking a long time because I have literally thousands of image files for the catalog!)

Lisa is slapping herself on the forehead, hitting her head on the wall, looking for a baseball bat, what else is there around here to hit myself with she thinks to herself.


P.S. On the positive note, yes there is a bright side to all this, at least I have the Dell Mini 9 here to keep me company. It's the consolation prize for being stupid. Sometimes the more you know how to do something.. the more you really don't know a thing.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Website having difficulties...

Just to let everyone know...

I am aware of the website photos and pages not loading appropriately

And I am fixing it ...

I hope to have it fixed before I leave for Santa Fe on Wednesday...

This goes to show you that you should not make any major updates to the website right before leaving for a big show...

A bit frustrated since I thought my software troubleshooting days were over...

Back to troubleshooting

Friday, March 6, 2009

My New Love ...

Diamonds are a girl's best friend?


I mean REALLY?

Maybe to some ...

But not to THIS girl

This girl is simply tickled pink with her new love...

(squealing with excitement)

(taking a deep breath to maintain her decorum)

Lookie here....

No look a little further below.....

You're almost there...

Not quite...

My new love is ...

My brand spanking new...

and RED,

Oh yeah baby....RED (in my best Austin Power's voice)

Dell Mini 9

Here she is...

I'm in love (smooching her Dell mini) ;o)

(actual photo of my mini will be posted later!)

What were YOU thinking?

Hey now... wait just one minute

Okay so my geeky, nerdy (and silly) side is coming out. You must have known that I can't hide that side of me 100% of the time.

I'm totally excited and psyched about my new mini. I can now leave the heftier Sony laptop at home when I fly to shows. With the weight restriction for flights these days, sometimes I just go on my travels unconnected to the rest of the world. So.... Nick got me the Mini 9 as a just because you're special to me gift. I'm one LUCKY lady!

Now I can keep in touch with everyone more easily from the road. No more being tied down to working in the lobbies of hotels to check-in from their computers or drive around looking for a FedEx Kinkos!

PERFECTLY decked in RED, I'm all set.

I'm actually writing this blog entry from the mini.

Dang this mini is soooooooooo cute, itty bitty and so tiny!

I will write a techie review after I have more time to play with it to express what I liked and what I may not have liked, so you can consider if you want one of these minis yourself. So far, the only "con" I see is the small keyboard profile, but that's one of the features being so small. I'm just used to a larger keyboard so it's just a matter of getting used to. I have to get a protective bag for it when I come back from Santa Fe but found one on Amazon already.

So pardon me as I go spend some quality time with my new baby... (wink left, wink right)

This is SWEET!

Now you know the way to THIS girl's heart is ...


I have a wonderfully sweet and thoughtful husband, whom if all works out you will get to meet in Santa Fe, if you visit our booth! (We'll be at the Convention Center, Booth 412) Seeya all there!!

Lisa, Ms. Techie

Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Thursday Tease

Uhmmm... tease, teasing your visual senses.

Will you ever look at slate again the same way?

Instead of just one image this week, I thought I would bombard you with four beautiful images of "slate" to entice you to create from your surroundings inspired by quite ordinary things and the Mother, our Mother Nature.

In my work, you will find many influences from Mother Nature. The earthiness, I so love. The color palette of earthy colors or tones. I'm not one for splashy brights (even if I use Swarovski crystals here and there for a bit of flash) but what calls my name is the more subdued and subtle shades. I also like the mystery and shadows created by gray/grey.

I like the rusted, the unexpected, the imaginative to be interpreted by the "eye of the beholder". Walking, looking, wandering, searching, and always finding Mother Nature is here to aid me. She shows me her COLORS, plain and clear. All I have to do is STOP, LOOK, and SEE!

See what I see?


Play with me, will you, as I tease your visual acuity.

I see a variegated scarf or shawl knitted up in some wonderful handdyed/handspun yarn.

I see a lampwork bead with metallic and interactive glass perhaps made with Zimmerman, Reichenbach, Moretti, or Borosilicate. Mind you, apart and not combined or it'll shatter. Shards everywhere.

I see a cuff with tiny precious size 15/o seeds in rounds and delicas sprinkled, intermingled with metallics, lusters and matte. Just a little not too much. Colors bouncing, complimenting, dancing lovingly.

I see a wonderful copper, brass, bronze or silver creation patinated or left to age gracefully with time.

I've got all the time to stop in this life and discover the wonders of my Mother. How I do love her and all that she selects to show me. My eyes are always seeking for the next tease....Thursday Tease.

Enjoy... and Please Create!


photos in order of top downward borrowed from Beshanti2, Beshanti2, MeirionMatthias, and Perseverando from Flickr

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Raindrops ...


I shudder restless under cover
Awakened by the sudden noise
Just outside the window
Tapping in rhythmic tones
Raindrops, Raindrops


A bit cold and shivering
Thoughts roaming, dancing
Through my mind, thinking
Seeking, searching amidst the cloud
Raindrops, Raindrops


Inhale to breathe in
Splash to cleanse with
A cup of java, plain old joe
Warms, awakens and caffeinated
Raindrops, Raindrops


Trickling down, pouring out
Mother Nature soothes the pain
Washes away fears with those tears
The child, I am, listens and feels
Raindrops, Raindrops


Her cries in hollering wind, embraces
She speaks through many or a few
It could be a tree, that branch, this leaf
Or maybe even through Me
Raindrops, Raindrops

written by
Lisa Kan
on 3/4/09, 9:45 p.m.

Through My Words
I Hope
You Enjoyed
This Poem
I Gift To You.
photo borrowed from aknacer from flickr
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