Saturday, June 5, 2010

Introducing a NEW limited fabric wrap...

This will be a VERY short post (for me, it is short) as I have not gone to bed at all and have been up for more than 24 hours.

Don't ask me why.

See the above wrap?

I will be introducing this fabric only in the larger toolwrap size. They are very limited so if you are attending Bead and Button (BnB), you get first dibs.

I am tempted to save one for myself since it is purple and have cherry blossoms. What's not to like? Can't go wrong with that combination!



What else was I suppose to write here?

(Lisa is thinking....)

I intended to also post about the new Ginkgo and Serenity leaf colors I will be introducing but although I snapped the photos earlier yesterday, I am TOO exhausted to work in Photoshop.

I will also be introducing six new Botanical colors. This brings the current available colors to a whopping FIFTY-FIVE colors. There are two to three limited edition colors that will be discontinued soon due to the rods are no longer being produced. I'm always working up new variations to the existing color selection. So don't worry, be HAPPY.... more colors are coming.

I will write a blog post about the new Botanical colors when I return from Bead and Button.

I'm not taking the laptop on this trip but will have my Dell mini to check in now and then.

If you don't read from me on this blog or Facebook, then it's because I'm having a fantabulous time in Chicago... in Madison... or in Milwaukee. I will have a great time because I'll get a chance to visit with friends I haven't seen in months, beaders who are excited about creating, thunderstorms to run through, etc.

So anyways.... why do I not sleep more than 24 hours before leaving for a show?

I am NOT a last minute kind of person, this is just my modus operandi.

Why ask why?

I just like STRESS. It makes me feel like I'm working extra hard to reach a goal.

(You know I'm kidding, right?)

I NEVER sleep the night before an impending trip because of the fear of waking up late and missing a flight. So I just stay up to work and have just finished packing because earlier in the day I was still cleaning beads. After the beads were cleaned, they had to be strung and priced. There is also a trick to packing the beads compactly so they don't break.

But no matter how well I pack, I always get stopped and searched. My beads are small and piled on top of each other separated by bubble wrap so the airport scanners can't readily detect what's inside. At least that's what TSA agents tell me each time. I'm so used to it, its just part of traveling and not a big deal.



Where am I?

Who am I?

Where are you?

Why am I here?

(Lisa rubs her eyes...)

Well I'd love to continue typing to you but I'm a bit exhausted and I fear writing something here that I may regret later. I better go before my fingers start typing on their own.

These fingers, they misbehave at times. But since they have a mind of their own, I take no blame for what my hands, these fingers type.



Until next time, I'm gonna have a grand time in Chicago, my first stop. I'll take you along with my photos on Facebook upon returning. It'll be like you were with me but in reality you are NOT really and Rebel is there with me. Rebel is always with me.


Oh it' time to get up already?

Where is my cup of coffee?

Geez look at the time... I am CRAZY. I'll have to get some shuteye on the plane. I hope I don't snore!

See everyone soon in Milwaukee
But before then, time to have a few days of FUN first

Fun First, Work Later

P.S. Goodness gracious. THIS is a VERY SHORT post? And I was just mumbling nonsensical gibberish as I normally do when I am half awake. Bad fingers.... very BAD.
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