Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Ume... Plum Blossoms... the 3 NEW Botanicals

Lisa is tired ...

VERY tired

What's keepin' me up is adrenaline and looking forward to my Santa Fe trip where I'll be seeing some of my favorite people, dining at some great eats, and just plain fun with artsy folks...

See previous posts for info on Bead Fest Santa Fe and the free pass you can print out.

Don't say I didn't try to save you some money!

Come spend it at my booth, will ya? (#208, at the Convention Center)

I wanted to write one more blog post before heading off to Santa Fe... just ONE more.

Does this redeem me for my lack of writing last year? Pretty, please?

Goodness I have been so active with my writing, its a wonder how I got all these beads made.

I know MAGIC folks.

So before my head hits this keyboard...

I want to let you know... for each show this year, I hope to introduce at least three or MORE new Botanical colors.

How is it possible to have MORE colors, Lisa? Isn't there a limitation to the color palette?

Well yes and no.

If you have a Color Goddess on your shoulders looking over you while you make Botanicals... then you are blessed to create infinite combinations of colors in differing shades and hues.

Hey besides, I know MAGIC!

So with no further adieu, Bead Fest Santa Fe attendees will be able to pick up the following three new colors. Please come on Thursday March 18th for opening night festivities from 5-9p.m. If you come, you will get first dibs on everything.

Everything is limited...

Don't say I didn't warn you to come early. If something sells out, well I guess you can always place an order and "wait".

I do make custom orders on rare occasions, only if you give me an extra $2 dollars for every bead or special request.

So, I am human and can only make so many beads each day. Don't want to have carpo tunnel.

But I have been productive even though some of you know that I have also been quite active updating my page on Facebook.

I can usually do 3-4 things at once and plan my time accordingly. Besides, by the time of this post, you'll know I really don't sleep much.


Here's the new colors... as I need to get back to packing.




Well that's about all you need to know. The photos speak for themselves I hope.

And if you visit my website catalog, you'll find I have many sales going on... because there will be some interesting surprises coming

And I'm NOT telling you what they are... until you buy up all the items on sale.

So come see me in Santa Fe if you are near... I promise I won't talk to you to death. I'll probably be snoring behind the booth, trying to catch up on the Zzzz's.

Good night/Good morning

Yes, back to work...

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