Monday, March 15, 2010

Introducing the NEW Metal Clay and Polymer Clay Toolwraps

What you see above are the fabrics being introduced at Bead Fest Santa Fe later this week.

What for Lisa?

Well, thank you for asking...

With the popularity of our small and medium Tri-fold Tool and Bead Wraps, we of course was planning all along to introduce the large version. Projects like these take time to develop. You can read more about the wraps on my website and see more detailed photos.

Basically this wrap is targetted for the Metal Clay and Polymer Clay artists. Have you seen all the tools they lug around and generally in plain looking toolwraps? I think having one of our toolwraps would make creating oh so much more fun. Don't you say?

So here are just some photos of what you can use our new LARGE wrap for. I'll let the pictures do the talking because this girl is WAY too exhausted right now to write any more.

For the Metal Clay and Polymer Clay Artist:

For the Seed Beader:

For the Knitter, Crocheter and Needleworker:

For the Painter and/or General Crafter:

For the Glass Artist:

Now, can you see why we are SO excited about this new line of wraps? Now we have three sizes to meet all your needs.

So drop by Bead Fest Santa Fe between March 18th to March 21st as we will have a limited quantity. These are MSRP at $39.95 and are made in the USA by ONE person, my sister Sandy.

If you purchase more than one wrap, you will get $5 off each subsequent one. So come on by and check these wraps out. I'll do a demo for you too if you'd like.

See everyone in Santa Fe soon

Good night/Good morning!!
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