Friday, March 5, 2010

Passionflower on Knitting Daily Spring 2009

Let me introduce you to my romantic side again and again through my beadwork.

This is Passionflower...

This design was one of six designs, originally published in the April/May issue, which I created to share as Beadwork Magazine's Designer of the Year (DOY) 2009.

As you can see, I can't help but to be influenced by the Victorian/Nouveau period in my work.

This design is actually quite simple and quick to make. Don't let the finished piece fool you. It's one of my techniques in writing projects... to create designs that look difficult but are easy to create. Although it appeared in 2009, you can still pick up the back issue or the project PDF on Interweave's website.

Why am I going back in time and writing about this design on the blog, you ask?

As many of you know, one of my favorite things to delve into during the winter months is knitting with natural fibers (WHEN DOES LISA FIND TIME TO KNIT?) , especially that of wool/silk blends. I have been teaching myself knitting for the last few years but only realistically knitting for a few months because there is just so many things to do around here. I'm a fast learner and have knitted not ONE but TWO queen sized blankets that I'll share photos here sometime later)

(Lisa's informative side note: Your hands are the best creative part of your body... second only to your mind and imagination... your hands create the art that your mind thinks up! So folks, take care of those HANDS!)

So, I was clearing my mailbox of old emails and found that I had wanted to make a note here sometime ago but got busy. Knitting Daily featured the Diminishing Rib Cardigan, cover project from the Interweave Knits Spring 2009 issue, in a superb and wonderful gallery on their blog.

Now how does this EVEN have ANYTHING to do with the Passionflower DOY project?

Have patience my readers...

I'll get to the rest of the story. (For those folks who love trivia like me, this is a Paul Harvey reference.)

Well if you click this link you will find the answer but please promise to come back to my blog, okay?

I'm waiting....


Thank you for coming back to my blog.

I appreciate you listening to directions. ;o)

So now that you've visited the link and even if you didn't, tonight I feel nice and HAPPY so I'll tell you what this is all about, anyways.

(I'm not REALLY THAT nice, folks...don't believe the rumors of my niceness from anyone who DARES to spread such rumors about me. Just go to my Facebook page and see how mean I REALLY am!)

The good folks at the knitting division of Interweave Press, was nice enough to model their Diminishing Rib Cardigan WITH my Passionflower design for Knitting Daily's Gallery.

How COOL is that?

That is Way COOL.

I love SURPRISES, don't you?

Sorry for the caps folks, I am just Happy.

I found this link quite by accident roaming around in knitting newsgroups searching for info, searching for yarn, researching as I do on most things I get myself into.

This was a WONDERFUL surprise and can you tell from the photos that all the models are HAPPY? They are HAPPY to be out in the sun and wearing my Passionflower necklace while wearing the lovely, beautiful Diminishing Rib Cardigan?

Being Happy is GREAT!

If you are puzzled as to why I have reference the word "Happy" or feeling of "Happiness" so often in this post, then you must read THIS POST from Wednesday March 3, 2010.

Go there NOW!

Then Come Back Here!

Enjoy Your Surprises
Today, Tomorrow and Forever
I'm Tired
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