Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I must be on a roll...

Three posts in three consecutive days.

(a bit of trivia for those who love trivia... The number "3" is often used to signify the number of completion.)

I think I've finally made up for the months that I slacked off NOT writing here towards the end of 2009.

I am forgiven right? (wink)

So what is on my mind today and why is Lisa writing so much on the blog this week?

Uhmmm look up there.

Yeah, way up in the RED section.

The topic of this post?

Uh huh.

Because I am "happy".

And so... when Lisa is happy she tends to write, write and write. If you are SO lucky to get one of Lisa's long emails recently (you know who you are), then hey you can always hit DELETE!

And if you have the unfortunate fate of being in her presence, she will talk, talk and talk. So bring some ear plugs if you visit Lisa at a show when she gets into one of her "happy" moods.


Really, what?

Don't you talk about yourself in the third person when you write about yourself? ;o)


Sometimes when I write about "Happinesss" here, I write poetry (one of my favs, Random Thoughts) and other times it's just "free association adlibbing" aka "blabbering out loud".

(okay I took a much deserved break and am back to finish this post. I hope I haven't lost my train of thought but I guess if I don't make much sense, then you'll have your answer).

Let's see here... (flipping through my mental notes.. all the happiness thoughts are in my head and it is all jumbled up from working in the studio all day...) Aaaah Got It...

***** (continued from earlier)

Happiness. What is it and how does one achieve it. It's simplier than you may think. If you search on this blog, you'll find many references on this topic that I've written on over the years. If you find the poetry, then you'll know I can be silly about this topic too.

I don't claim to be the happiest person all the time but I am generally a happy person. There are times, of course, when life deals you cards that you can't "put on a happy face" but here are just some tips I have on staying happy as often as I can.

It takes a lot of energy to be negative (upset or mad...) use the energy instead to channel it towards HAPPINESS. So what will it be for you?

Will you try to be HAPPY with me?

Follow my TOP FIVE tips on how to get and stay Happy. You'll then know the true sense of Happiness like me!

1. Eliminate negative thoughts. Thinking negatively not only brings YOU down, It brings other's down. I try not to think negatively unless it's about someone who is thinking negatively about ME. Hey, turnaround is fair game, so go for it! The double negatives will collide and make a positive. (Math reference, I can't help it!)

2. Eliminate negative people from your life, COMPLETELY. You just show 'em. If YOU're not negative why would you want to keep those pesky so call "friends" who are negative around you, around. Get rid of them. Negative energy around you will bring you down. I try to eliminate all negative people around me. So if I am not around you that much, guess what... yep, need I say more?

3. Listen to your Heart (Not your Wallet). If you do what you love and love what you do, you're a more happy person. It's real simple and not rocket science. For my artist friends out there, if you think about the pocketbook too much, you will invariably sell less. When you create your art.. think about the art... NOT how much you will sell it for at a show. Trust me, I know.. have you seen how cheap my prices are? Guess what? I'm not rich in my wallet but I'm rich in my heart. ;o)

4. Love more, Hate Less. Love your fellow man/woman/child/brother/sister/pet/etc. Simply put, share yourself and your ideas with others. You'll be surprise when you sit next to a stranger at a restaurant or something... just start talking to them. If you get a strange look, well don't BLAME me. I think you just made the wrong selection and that person must have been a "negative" person. Refer to #2. Get rid of 'em. Most people will just smile strangely at you and it's okay because YOU ARE HAPPY and they AREN'T, so you're already ahead of the game! ;o)

5. Don't take things too seriously, just let (it) go. So you have a fight with your best friend. Generally, I think most arguments start out small and is made big for no reason. I mean can't the other person just see it MY way? Be the bigger person and just let go. I mean really just let go. Take the person you are angry with to the tallest bridge in town... then just let (him/her) go. ;oP
Have a great night or morning
Be Happy
I am
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