Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Change...Changes... Changed

People say "change is good"...

I come here this morning again, typing on a new keyboard. Actually not really new just confiscated from storage because I had to "change" to a new keyboard.

Let me tell you a funny story about Lisa, sometimes also fondly referred to as, Ms. Klutz.

There are many things I am capable of doing, especially when I get up early in the morning - all charged up - about what needs to be accomplished on any given day. I generally start off with a Cup of Joe and maybe if I am good a few almond biscottis.

Now mind you, I NEVER eat or drink in front of the computer...

(What am I saying? I can't tell a fib to these GOOD people)

How do you folks think I get as much done around here if I didn't eat in front of the computer? I know bad habit. Bad habits are hard to break sometimes.

So this REAL funny thing happened to me this morning around 7ish a.m...

I've been VERY productive in recent days and getting up at the crack of dawn to work, work and work as I have this HUGE mound of paperwork, computer work, etc. to do. A day in the life of a glass bead artist is not just making glasswork in the studio. There are many business things that need to be accomplished, so that there would be studio time later in the day for preparation of shows like Bead Fest Santa Fe.

Anyhow (I'm not really laughing but...),

Funny thing happened this morning. You see I was just about to take a sip of Joe from my FAVORITE Hershey's mug I picked up from PA last year... , and uhmmmmmmmm somehow I didn't get a good grip... it slipped slightly but because I am so ambidextrous (just look at the photos I shot of my right arm with my left hand holding the Powershot G9) I was able to catch the mug BEFORE too much damage could be created.

However... things don't always seem as they are. Being technically inclined, I knew I had to shut the power off or my entire keyboard may be fried.

So there goes the power.... OFF

The mess was cleaned up but later when my laptop came back on... funky keystrokes would result when I typed.

I mean...

LOOK at this garbage...


Now how am I supposed to make sense on this blog, in emails, on Facebook, on my website... or anywhere else, if I typed like that??

(Not that I make all that much sense usually... but let's play nice and play with me, okay?)

Fortunately I am not all that DUMB after all. I have an arsenal of keyboards stored in SEVERAL boxes in the attic.

Why does anyone need more than one keyboard you ask?


Uhmmm.... you haven't guessed yet?

Well... for THIS exact reason.

(Do you think this is the FIRST time this mishap has happened?)

So here I am with my old Logitech keyboard connected to my laptop and fortunately nothing more on the laptop was fried like the HARD DRIVE. Goodness... this would have slowed me down if I couldn't get online. I would have lost so much data too...

(slaps herself on the forehead)

The interesting thing is... now, if I don't like an email or the person emailing me, I can respond with the fouled up keyboard from the laptop.

If I like the email or the person emailing me... then I use the Logitech.

On the brighter side of things...


If you get an email from me from this day forward, make sure you can read it (smile)

If you can't then... uhmmmmm... I don't know what COULD of happened.

(Maybe you spilled a Cup of Joe on your computer monitor, don't blame me now.)

So what is the lesson of this story?

Don't eat or drink in front of the computer?

NO... Not really...

Although I learn from most of my mistakes and try not repeating any, this girl likes to have FUN, has a lot to do and will still try to maximize time by eating in front of the computer, at times.

Sometimes I change my habits for the good... but in this case, my habits better change with me or ELSE!!

Don't spill again or I'll have to break you into shards!
Yes, I'm warning you, Hershey Mug, for the LAST time.
Don't mess with me.

P.S. I highly recommend other klutzes in the world, who happen to be reading my blog, to go get some of those keyboard covers. You will save yourself a LOT of hassles. Ask me why and how I know. You own me $1 for this valuable tip of the day.

P.P.S. For those who read my blog regularly, you will notice that I have changed the blog's appearance/colors as of today... but still this place is quite unattractive.

Now why would someone (Lisa Kan) who is passionate about "color, shape, texture and creativity" have such an uncreative, color bland blog? I'm working on it...really I am... there are many more higher priorities to handle right now....like getting ready for the next FOUR back to back shows (with only about two weeks apart) and that's not counting other special *secret* projects I'm working on.

And it takes time to find the right accoutrements... but change will be coming folks. It'll just take awhile but I'm working as hard as any human being can behind the scenes. I hope you will see the fruits of my labor soon. Goodness knows, even a spilled Cup of Joe, can't slow this girl down.

Have an Excellent Day Creating Everyone,
Remember this though...

It's okay to make a mess as long as you know how to fix it

Ms. Klutz
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