Sunday, March 14, 2010

Happy Surprise.... It's a SURPRISE!!

Sometimes, you just do things for others because that's who you are.

I do things for others "just because" I care about them, sometimes even before they ask me.

Never do I expect anything in return... but perhaps just a simple "Thank You!" showing their appreciation.

One of the fun things that makes me HAPPY (yes that subject again) is giving my friends and family unexpected SURPRISES.

I've sent friends unexpected gifts just because I know that whatever I send would bring a SMILE to their faces.

It's not what you give someone (as in the material good), but rather WHY you give them that SURPRISE. Think about that statement a bit.

"Actions speaks louder than words."

A SURPRISE shows someone you are thinking of them and care for them.

I think it is better to give rather than to receive because the more you give others, the more you will receive back tenfold later.

It may not be apparent at first or immediately, but all good things will come back to you. The adage of "What goes around, comes around", you know.

You send out vibes of Happiness and Love... well that is what you will get back!

If you meet up with someone who takes and takes from you... well read my Happiness post from March 3rd and get rid of 'em.

These types of people are not helping the "circle of life". In a circle everything goes around and around... give-take and take-give.

This circle should spin counterclockwise and clockwise, nearly equally.

So, it makes me HAPPY to make those who make me HAPPY, HAPPY...

Life is much better when one is HAPPY.

So what's with the photo of the irises Lisa, if you are talking about Happiness yet AGAIN?

Tuesday March 9, the doorbell rings... I was NOT having a great day this particular Tuesday!

(Ding Dong)

My husband opens the door and it's our neighbor from down the street. We have the same house number but different street names. Apparently a delivery was dropped off erroneously at her house and she walked up to deliver it.

Anyhow, I was in my studio working on Botanicals for Bead Fest Santa Fe and I get called to get a package with somewhat of a perturbed tone.

"Someone apparently sent you some flowers..."

Hmmmmmmmmmmm.... ?

Huh, who would send ME flowers? I couldn't think of anyone who would send ME flowers besides my husband of course. It wasn't my birthday and my husband was not in trouble with me YET. haha.

Well, I opened the box from Proflowers and there was a card.

It said "Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day and life to drive us to and back from the airport."

For a moment I said to myself ... "HUH? IS this a JOKE or is this from one of my goofy friends?"

Then it dawned on me who sent me these irises.

This was a most generous and elder man much my senior.

And OLDER man.

This wonderful man, who just made my day with this wonderful SURPRISE.

I was all SMILES the rest of the day, erasing my earlier bad mood.

The flowers just started blooming in it's vase a few days ago and aren't the irises simply gorgeous?

Makes me HAPPY to know that the bouquet of irises were sent as a "just because" I know you have been working hard and still thought to take care of others, even though you were busy, getting ready for your big show!

I wanted to share with all of you that this wonderful man is none other than my FAVORITE and ONLY Father-in-Law!

I'm such a lucky girl!

Who would have known that driving someone to and from the airport would result in a beautiful bouquet of irises?

I definitely didn't expect this surprise and after the week I had, I *REALLY* needed the irises to cheer me up. No elaborating necessarily... but this girl is NOT always happy go lucky. There are things that DO upset me. But I don't want to go there when I am writing a post on Happiness!

So it's OKAY to get flowers from someone other than your husband, especially if you've volunteered your services as a chauffer to the airport.

Does anyone need a ride to the airport? (wink)

Relish in Surprises

In the Giving as well as In the Receiving
Make Someone Special Happy
With a Surprise!

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