Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Raindrops ...


I shudder restless under cover
Awakened by the sudden noise
Just outside the window
Tapping in rhythmic tones
Raindrops, Raindrops


A bit cold and shivering
Thoughts roaming, dancing
Through my mind, thinking
Seeking, searching amidst the cloud
Raindrops, Raindrops


Inhale to breathe in
Splash to cleanse with
A cup of java, plain old joe
Warms, awakens and caffeinated
Raindrops, Raindrops


Trickling down, pouring out
Mother Nature soothes the pain
Washes away fears with those tears
The child, I am, listens and feels
Raindrops, Raindrops


Her cries in hollering wind, embraces
She speaks through many or a few
It could be a tree, that branch, this leaf
Or maybe even through Me
Raindrops, Raindrops

written by
Lisa Kan
on 3/4/09, 9:45 p.m.

Through My Words
I Hope
You Enjoyed
This Poem
I Gift To You.
photo borrowed from aknacer from flickr
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