Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Thursday Tease

I often reminiscence about my travels to Japan in my past life as an engineer. Although I was meant for this beady and glassy life that I lead now all along while I was "growing up", my time as an engineer gave me many opportunities to travel to places I would otherwise not have seen in this lifetime. So all is well and I'm making up for lost time in my beady and glassy world these days by working, working, and working. Designing beadwork is my way of telling my stories of my love for nature and history.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder so for this week's Thursday Tease, I tease you with Bento Art. Bento boxes are a staple in the Japanese life and culture. I remembered my hosts in Japan would escort me to the train station and treat me to a bento box meal. The Japanese are such hard working people, always on the go, that they would eat their meals on the train in between destinations and changing trains. The above photo showcases the art created by food arrangement. Food doesn't have to be boring and our inspiration for our art can also be taken from FOOD! The Japanese have a way with making something quite ordinary look balance and beautiful.

So let's eat up, drink up, and create something beautiful in our art inspired by our food.

It's okay to play with your FOOD, forget what your parents told you!!

Bead Creatively,


photo borrowed from Sakurako Kitsa from
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