Monday, March 9, 2009

Still Working on the Website...

Guess what?

You got it...

I am REBUILDING my entire website because this techie didn't make a backup BEFORE she decided to move things around and do FANCY things on her website. She played around too much and managed to mess up all the photo links instead of sprucing up the site right before Santa Fe. (site is uploading on the main computer while I am typing on the Mini 9 here.)

After Santa Fe, I am going to investigate other web publishing softwares and getting myself out of the Microsoft Frontpage platform. I am going to redesign my entire website as my next big task and goal. Frontpage has become obsolete and ridiculous. I was just too cheap to buy something more sophisticated.

I've HAD it.

I will be up all night.... who needs sleep right? I rather have things right. It's my fault for even sticking with Frontpage.

(screaming!!!!!!!!!!!!! in my head because I don't want to wake the neighbors)

Generally I LIVE for these challenges but not right before a show. It shows me to backup my website more often... this took up valuable time I could have had in the studio.

Let's see if I still have my touch of fixing things that I foul up myself. (shaking head profusely side to side)

"Do as I say... not as I do."

Back to troubleshooting... (upload is taking a long time because I have literally thousands of image files for the catalog!)

Lisa is slapping herself on the forehead, hitting her head on the wall, looking for a baseball bat, what else is there around here to hit myself with she thinks to herself.


P.S. On the positive note, yes there is a bright side to all this, at least I have the Dell Mini 9 here to keep me company. It's the consolation prize for being stupid. Sometimes the more you know how to do something.. the more you really don't know a thing.
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