Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Thursday Tease

Uhmmm... tease, teasing your visual senses.

Will you ever look at slate again the same way?

Instead of just one image this week, I thought I would bombard you with four beautiful images of "slate" to entice you to create from your surroundings inspired by quite ordinary things and the Mother, our Mother Nature.

In my work, you will find many influences from Mother Nature. The earthiness, I so love. The color palette of earthy colors or tones. I'm not one for splashy brights (even if I use Swarovski crystals here and there for a bit of flash) but what calls my name is the more subdued and subtle shades. I also like the mystery and shadows created by gray/grey.

I like the rusted, the unexpected, the imaginative to be interpreted by the "eye of the beholder". Walking, looking, wandering, searching, and always finding Mother Nature is here to aid me. She shows me her COLORS, plain and clear. All I have to do is STOP, LOOK, and SEE!

See what I see?


Play with me, will you, as I tease your visual acuity.

I see a variegated scarf or shawl knitted up in some wonderful handdyed/handspun yarn.

I see a lampwork bead with metallic and interactive glass perhaps made with Zimmerman, Reichenbach, Moretti, or Borosilicate. Mind you, apart and not combined or it'll shatter. Shards everywhere.

I see a cuff with tiny precious size 15/o seeds in rounds and delicas sprinkled, intermingled with metallics, lusters and matte. Just a little not too much. Colors bouncing, complimenting, dancing lovingly.

I see a wonderful copper, brass, bronze or silver creation patinated or left to age gracefully with time.

I've got all the time to stop in this life and discover the wonders of my Mother. How I do love her and all that she selects to show me. My eyes are always seeking for the next tease....Thursday Tease.

Enjoy... and Please Create!


photos in order of top downward borrowed from Beshanti2, Beshanti2, MeirionMatthias, and Perseverando from Flickr
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