Monday, March 9, 2009

Just about...

Just about as good as it can get at this hour...

(Lisa looks at the computer clock)

My it's 3 a.m.

This fiasco only took me less than 1/2 hour to foul up and about SIX hours to fix.

She's BRILLIANT ain't she??

La de dah... yes, siree

It's time to get some rest and then continue preparing for Santa Fe

I'm in a better mood knowing that all of you can see and browse the site while I'm gone.. but I am not happy with Frontpage!! Not the least. I'm not happy with myself. I know better than this. I used to take distress calls from people having problems with their electronics... why did I have to go trying "this and that". Why today? Why not when there is more time to tackle these mishaps! Eeeeee...

(self taught web designer here! now you know why all the periodic goof ups)

I want to thank Yahoo Small Business Tech Janardhan for his patience and allowing me to talk fast in communicating my frustrations. He recommended me to download the trial of Dreamweaver for a testrun and then shelling out the big bucks later, if I like the platform. No need to think this over... if I have to give up some beads and skeins of yarn for Dreamweaver CS3/4, I'll do it.

(Talks to self: What am I saying?...I must be desperate or really can't stand Frontpage. My can I stop buying more?? Can't stop..don't want to stop... must think of alternatives like sneaking some expendable cash from Nick...(smirk) Aha! Yessssssss........)

I fixed it..and I'm not gonna break it again (yeah right!!)

(taking a deep breath)

It's late and I start writing strange things that is a sign to get some rest.. I'll be up before I need to wake up.

I NEVER GIVE UP UNTIL THE JOB IS DONE... NEVER. You can't take me down Frontpage. I got you cornered and you are going "bye bye". Hasta la vista, baby!

P.S. I'm writing a lot here this week but after I return from Santa Fe, I will be absent from the blog for about two weeks or so, with the exceptions of the Thursday Tease posts. I need to work on several SUPER DUPER, seriously important assignments with real deadlines. I rather lose sleep over writing assignments than troubleshooting software issues. Egads!! I will learn with time..

but obviously
still loves to write
a lot
even at this hour
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