Monday, March 9, 2009

Something Right ... Right?

Finally things are just about back to "normal" as normal as things can get.

I am "almost" satisfied with the results.

After a few hours of sleep and a cup of joe, my mind was fresh to tackle the software errors I was experiencing last night while rebuilding the website.

Yes, I was pulling my hair out but I still have a head of hair.

These are just ten things I fixed or made a mental note of, while fixing the website:

1. I have fixed the Mozilla Firefox error, so now you can browse without a problem.
2. I have fixed missing page links
3. I have fixed missing photos
4. I have adjusted the site counter back to about what it was before the site crashed
5. I have BACKED UP the entire site on CD (finally)
6. I have written updates here so you are fully aware that the site was down.
7. I have spoken to "me, myself and I" to not do this EVER again or ELSE!
8. I have made a note to check out Dreamweaver for their free 30 day trial soon.
9 I have also made a note to investigate Sitebuilder from Yahoo as an alternative to ensure the site is backed up regularly should "me, myself and I" forget.
10. I have also made a mental note to make time for a workshop on web designing in the future.

No matter how I am kicking myself or have beaten myself over this stupidity the last 24 hours and for having to spend time rebuilding the website, my thought is that you learn from your mistakes. I always learn from my mistakes. I don't enjoy making mistakes but they are good for me (sometimes unless I'm leaving for a BIG show! Egads, bitting nails.)

Now I know more about website designing and development ... or do I?

(sigh of relief)

Please visit the site and enjoy. Take a look at the new tool and bead wraps we are launching at Santa Fe in a few days. Note that I will only have about 3 of the medium sized wraps in each pattern, but will be offering FREE first class parcel shipping, if things sell out at the show. I'll take care of you.. don't you worry.

Sandy is human after all and did not have time to make more for the show. She needs rest/sleep for the day job, but will be ramping up the production of the medium wraps while I'm in Santa Fe.

Help me SELL OUT of these wraps! (gotta keep Sandy busy!)

Now it's time to clean beads

...string beads

...price beads

..and pack beads.

We are leaving at a crazy hour on Wednesday morning, like 3:30 a.m. to drive all day to get to Santa Fe. It's TWELVE hours to Santa Fe with no traffic. We will also start setting up Wed night so you'll know we'll be totally exhausted with the LONG day. Why do you think I'm bringing along Nick? Who do you think will be driving all that distance. HAHAHA! I'm not THAT stupid (smirk)

I will be knitting and working on my Rambling Rows Blanket (which is 1/3rd done) on the drive and possibly getting motion sickness but who cares? My friend Lynn tells me to just knit by touch. I will try that out! I hope to finish the blanket by end of March or early April to share here with you all.

(When does Lisa find time to KNIT?)

I'm looking forward to seeing all my friends, exploring Santa Fe, dining at some great eats, taking photos and talking to all of YOU. I'll post show details later today for those considering coming to the show.

Come to the show, okay?

(WHAT? Lisa is going to write on the blog again today?)


(and I heard that!)

Time to get busy,
(when am I NOT working!)

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