Monday, March 23, 2009

Your Opinion Counts ...

This morning I received the latest newsletter. It was filled with ideas from Beadwork Editor, Melinda Barta, on how to take design elements from the April/May issue to create your own unique beadwork. I admit I also have never attempted any designs from all the bead magazines I subscribe to or follow instructions.... haha. I usually flip through my magazines to see color combos and what my fellow designer friends are designing these days. Bead magazines are great sources of inspiration but don't limit yourself as interior design, fashion, gardening, photography, fiber, knitting and other magazines are also great resources in planting ideas for your creativity.

I also received an email from a CT beader, Judy, this morning asking me where I get my ideas and how I get inspired for my designs. I wrote several articles for Softflex Company in 2007 - a three part series, that explains how I approach designing beadwork. Take a look and read here.

In the meantime, I was excited to read that our opinions count with Beadwork Magazine. It's great to see a magazine take reader's opinions and comments to the next level to implement them in their pages. I encourage everyone to participate in the Beadwork Reader Advisory Panel.

I'll be posting some Santa Fe stories and photos on the blog soon after I finish compiling the Oct/Nov Designer of the Year project. Back to writing instructions. Last minute designing helps challenge me and push my designing sensibilities up a notch or two. I hope you all have enjoyed the Designer of the Year projects from myself and my fellow DOY designers. And please keep the emails coming. I always enjoy hearing from you all and reading what beady projects you've made. Pictures are also gladly welcomed.

Bead Creatively,


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