Friday, February 27, 2009

Introducing the New Wraps

I am warning you... if you don't like visual stimuli... then

Don't look...

I mean...


Please look...


What happens when the Robert Kaufman fabrics below get into the hands of the Kan sisters?




Bang! Abra ca dabra (Lisa waving a magic wand... towards Sandy)


Simply magical... hocus pocus

Whoopee! can I have more fun than this?

So folks, here you see a sampling of the new fabric wraps we are introducing at BeadFest Santa Fe. We decided not to kill ourselves with introducing too many selections at one time even though we have some secret stash of more fabrics. So for each show, we will introduce new fabrics in both a small and medium size. This way attendees will get first dibs for coming to visit my booth and chat with me.

Come chat with me! Yay! (yakkity yak!)

The two sized wraps should cover all the different sized tools everyone has. The wraps are great gift ideas and we're doing a special when you buy two in the same purchase transaction. Come check the new wraps out at the show.

Just look at all the beautiful fabrics!! Ordering for the general public will be available after March 16th on my website. You can email to reserve the pattern but to give Sandy time to "pump up the volume" she needs time to make these.

So introducing...
Wisterias and mums
Marrakesh Kaleidoscope (perfect for the guys!)
Iris, Japanese Maple, Sakura, Fans and Ribbons (black)
Iris, Japanese Maple, Sakura, Fans and Ribbons (green)
Iris, Japanese Maple, Sakura, Fans and Ribbons (burgundy)
Mum Burst in Fuchsia, Magenta, Rose, and Gold
Mum/Kiku Garden (returning for second debut due to popular sell out)
Take a bow Sandy.
You did good sis!
You did GREAT! Excellente!
See all the goodies you can fit into the medium wrap!!!
The hard part of it all is which fabric do you like more!
Decisions. Decisions.
And if you buy an extra wrap for a gift, do you really want to gift it away?
I have one for each day of the week and one on each hand
(teasing) Pssst...
(wink left, wink right)
(nudge nudge)
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