Friday, March 6, 2009

My New Love ...

Diamonds are a girl's best friend?


I mean REALLY?

Maybe to some ...

But not to THIS girl

This girl is simply tickled pink with her new love...

(squealing with excitement)

(taking a deep breath to maintain her decorum)

Lookie here....

No look a little further below.....

You're almost there...

Not quite...

My new love is ...

My brand spanking new...

and RED,

Oh yeah baby....RED (in my best Austin Power's voice)

Dell Mini 9

Here she is...

I'm in love (smooching her Dell mini) ;o)

(actual photo of my mini will be posted later!)

What were YOU thinking?

Hey now... wait just one minute

Okay so my geeky, nerdy (and silly) side is coming out. You must have known that I can't hide that side of me 100% of the time.

I'm totally excited and psyched about my new mini. I can now leave the heftier Sony laptop at home when I fly to shows. With the weight restriction for flights these days, sometimes I just go on my travels unconnected to the rest of the world. So.... Nick got me the Mini 9 as a just because you're special to me gift. I'm one LUCKY lady!

Now I can keep in touch with everyone more easily from the road. No more being tied down to working in the lobbies of hotels to check-in from their computers or drive around looking for a FedEx Kinkos!

PERFECTLY decked in RED, I'm all set.

I'm actually writing this blog entry from the mini.

Dang this mini is soooooooooo cute, itty bitty and so tiny!

I will write a techie review after I have more time to play with it to express what I liked and what I may not have liked, so you can consider if you want one of these minis yourself. So far, the only "con" I see is the small keyboard profile, but that's one of the features being so small. I'm just used to a larger keyboard so it's just a matter of getting used to. I have to get a protective bag for it when I come back from Santa Fe but found one on Amazon already.

So pardon me as I go spend some quality time with my new baby... (wink left, wink right)

This is SWEET!

Now you know the way to THIS girl's heart is ...


I have a wonderfully sweet and thoughtful husband, whom if all works out you will get to meet in Santa Fe, if you visit our booth! (We'll be at the Convention Center, Booth 412) Seeya all there!!

Lisa, Ms. Techie

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