Thursday, February 14, 2008

Website Having Problems...

Debugging over at, my website

Hi all,

Good thing I have this blog up and running because I found out late last night that Yahoo, my website host, recently decided to update their hosting software while I was in Tucson. Whoopee for them but now I can't update the site with new info. So I'm using the blog to keep you informed of the latest news.

As with any software updates, there are bound to be issues in the beginning. Never fear, we'll still stay in touch via this blog! Yeah! For the most part the site is still operational but it just does not look too pretty, due to a partial upload gone wrong. Thanks to the Frontpage extensions that got all jumbled because Yahoo fouled up while they transferred my site to their new web hosting platform. I won't bore you with the gory technical details but I've been up to the wee hours Activating, Deactivating, Re-assigning, and Re-calculating the root web, subwebs and authorship galore, I can't tell you more or I'll have your head spinning too. I used to do this when I was an engineering school, debugging software and programs. That was when I had NO choice since it was part of my engineering curriculum but this didn't have to happen. Oh well.. I must keep my energies up to get the website fixed. I'm determined. VERY determined.

So, be assured that I am working on this in the background with them and hope to have the site back to it's pretty self soon. For instance all my header logos are GONE, the footer copyright and contact links GONE, and then the fonts throughout the site are small and large - simply put, not pretty. At least offline, the site looks like it's old self. Thank goodness I am somewhat proficient in troubleshooting and know enough about programming to tackle fixing this issue. But with such a busy and hectic schedule getting ready for Portland, this is the last thing I want or need to worry about. What can you do? I'll just roll with the punches and tackle each issue as they come.

The next few days will be devoted to paperwork, taxes, booking travel to beadshows, making contacts for new projects, writing proposals, writing articles, beading projects and maybe somewhere in between I'll actually sleep. And you thought a beadmaker just makes beads all day. The paperwork is the least desirable part of operating my shop and the second, cleaning beads! All this happening at once and together, can make a girl spin crazily. But I'm on top of things here, knocking each task down at a time, based on priority.

Chinese New Year Sweets

Chinese New Year Lanterns
(the red color is very predominant in the Chinese and Asian cultures.
It symbolizes a wish for prosperity, fortune and good luck)

I'll be back in the studio this weekend maybe Sunday (as I still have to celebrate Chinese New Year with my family, since I was in Tucson!) and will have some pretties to share with everyone shortly. I hope. There is a growing number of people on the waiting list for Haiku, Luft, Strata and Sandstorm series. If you are interested just send me an email and I'll email out photos of actual beads that will be available soon. How's that for customer service. Thank you for your patience. Your continual support means a world to me.

I'll be adding a vacation bounce back email to let everyone know about the website being semi-functional and to link to the blog. I am however NOT on vacation. This girl does not take much time off, even on Valentine's day!

Email me questions anytime at
We'll get over this website hurdle together. Thanks for sticking by me. I won't give up if you don't.
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