Sunday, February 17, 2008

Electronic Gadgets are FUN...

Today I received an email from the Yahoo technical support team(the sixth one since the website hosting/uploading problems began). I felt extra special since every email has been from a different technical person, which undoubtedly meant I was getting a lot of personal attention. I also had to repeat my "problem" (which they created) numerous times. In my previous life as a young engineer out of college, I worked in Technical Support for several years, so I am well aware of the "cut and paste" answers from the knowledge base to save time. As a matter of fact, I used to write standard answers for my technical team to shorten the need to type new answers over and over. So I DO understand what these Yahoo folks are going through. What I don't understand though is why my problem is still not resolved (after 7 days!) All we had to do was install the Frontpage extensions which they fouled up while transferring my site to a new webhosting platform with "new fantastic features". So as of yet, things are STILL not fixed, so we continue our wait and my website looks absolutely unpresentable without it's header, footer, and pretty fonts!

The latest Yahoo email went like this:
"Thank you for writing to Yahoo! Web Hosting. We are looking into any difficulties you reported and we apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced. Our engineering team is currently investigating this issue. Should you wish to contact us regarding this issue, please refer to case number: 1755796. We apologize for the inconvenience."

I've been working so intensely on paperwork and updating the website offline for the last few days that I had to get out of the house this afternoon. While out, we also went electronics shopping as we needed a new phone system. We owned the last one for nearly four years before it started having problems and recently failed.

I'd be the first to admit that I can be quite "geeky" and "nerdy" around technical gadgets. Give me a new electronic gadget and I can amuse myself for hours!

My friend Marsha Neal Studio had suggested getting a digital picture frame to display my various designs and articles at shows, instead of hauling all the laminated sheets that I make with each publication release. I had been researching, waiting and wanting to get a digital picture frame since last August when I saw my friend Kelly Russell with a similar setup at the Softflex Sonoma show. I finally found a 15" screen on SALE that fit the bill. I wanted a BIG screen and who would have thought that Costco was the place I would find the digital frame for my "product signage" needs. The walnut wood frame is so rich and I will add some additional detailing to beautify it later. I've already loaded a new 2GB SanDisk cruzer with some test photos and WOWZA the slideshow photos show up so beautifully. I couldn't hardly contain my excitement that I wanted to share the news here. I can't wait to show this puppy off at Bead Expo Portland so everyone can see the digital frame in action! You would think that I won the lottery with my giddy excitement. It doesn't take much to get a lifetime techie all riled up!

Well since I was on a roll with the electronic gadgets, I had been wanting a designated camera to take on the road ever since I started flying off to exhibit at shows (Bead Expo Charleston, May 2006). Even though Nick offered to "loan" me his Kodak (5.0 MPixels) for my roadtrips, I was yearning for something with better specs. He likes the ease of Kodak whereas I like more features, macro adjustments and higher pixels. I have always been stuck on Canon or Nikon cameras as being some of the best digitals available in the market. Since I already own a Nikon 995, I figured it was time to get my anxious hands finally on a Canon. After checking out Digital Photography Review (my favorite site for MANY years to read up on digital equipment. I NEVER buy any digital camera or equipment until I've visited this site.) and viewing the sample photos, it was clear and obvious that the Canon Powershot G9 was the best choice for my needs (and DESIRES!)

And after less than an hour and some price comparisons on three sites, I've ordered the G9 (with accessories, of course)! Everything should be here within 9 days or so. I don't diddle daddle and already intended to purchase a Canon this year anyways. I wanted to have time to familiarize myself with the camera in time for Bead Expo Portland. I know I will put this new camera to good use and it will reward me with beautiful photos for years to come. My Nikon 995 always stays home for website and article photography, so the G9 will be the designated camera I'll use to take you along on my Show Stops.

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